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AFEQ celebrates 4th Founding Anniversary

Posted on Saturday the 19th of November 2016

Mr. Don John A. Vallesteros

The Filipino educators in Qatar are continuously making resilient contributions to the country's culture in the areas of arts, sports, fashion, design and in the field of education. For thousands of Filipino teachers who have given up on their dodgy wages in the Philippines, building life in the Middle East appears to be the paramount preference. In an endeavor to curtail the trend of the country's finest educators leaving for jobs abroad, Filipino teachers from diverse Philippine schools across the State of Qatar founded the Association of Filipino Educators in Qatar (AFEQ) last 2013.

In line with its 4th year anniversary and in order to build camaraderie among members, the association held its celebration last August 11 at the grounds of Philippine International School Qatar. The officers had lined up a slew of events for an all-day festivity which includes Almusalang Bayan, diverse team building activities, fun games and relaxation. The event was attended by several Filipino educators from the different Philippine education sectors headed by Mr. Jayson Iyas, AFEQ president. Moreover, AFEQ adviser, Dr. Alexander S. Acosta stated that the Filipino teachers have continued to smash the Middle East-and the world. "With AFEQ members exceptional teaching approaches, desire for their profession, and commitment to making a difference in the lives of Filipino expatriates, I believe that we will continue to open door to access a worthy community that can never outdo the quality of the minds who make it", Dr. Acosta mentioned.

AFEQ was established to serve the educational needs of the children of the Filipino community in the State of Qatar. They are dedicated to advancing knowledge and educating students. This aims to bring together the various Filipino teachers here in Doha to bequeath awareness to them on the diverse issues that they need to know. The number of competitive, excellent, and outstanding Filipino teachers in Doha continue to grow. AFEQ's 4th year founding anniversary is a very historic festivity as Filipino educators in Qatar has once again witnessed the progress of a new linkage for teachers.