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AFEQ Educators Differentiate Teaching Style

Posted on Tuesday the 28th of March 2017

by Markus Golez and Clint Maramag

The 1st Association of Filipino Educators Qatar Seminar which was held Dec. 5 discussed the implementation of a teaching method called "differentiated instruction", which requires the teacher to review the student's learning needs to optimize the potential of a student to learn in a different environment. The goal of the event was to educate the teachers on how to handle the new method of teaching. Both Philippine School Doha and Philippine International School Qatar teaching force attended the said meeting to hone their skills in teaching.

According to educator Carol Ann Tomlinson, differentiated instruction is a new teaching method specialized for students by teachers who desire to optimize their teaching ability. While most current teaching techniques involve multimedia and written instruction, this particular method is very flexible in terms of learning since the student has more freedom in choosing how he would want to learn, which also means that the student can use it to his advantage by adapting and changing learning strategies at will; sometimes even experimenting different techniques. All these create a unique hands-on experience that benefits both the teacher and the pupil. This method encourages both the student and the teacher to be dynamic. The results expected of the student's use of this method is flexibility - a student who is not accustomed to work both in groups or individually can work both ways at different times. Another one is through the different ways the student is taught the student starts to become more open-minded, and can give interpretations of his own that is parallel to the lesson discussed.

The seminar began with an introductory speech by Mrs. Riza Constantino about the main goal of the meeting, which outlined several aspects of the seminar and what to expect from the seminar and the teachers after the seminar.

Dr. Alexander Acosta, who is currently the adviser of AFEQtalked about the qualities of the 21st century teachers, quoting that "the teachers must be involved in every aspect of the students". Furthermore, Mr. Jason Iyas, PISQ principal stressed the overlooked method of student assessment, citing that "here in Qatar we have different students from different backgrounds", furthermore adding that some of the teachers "have misunderstood the students", as it affects the relationship of the teacher to the students.

The speaker, Ms. Ethel Grace Ramos, is introduced and the seminar begins. She provides the audience with activities and told a story related to the discussion. An important thing to know about this seminar is that differentiated instruction is more than a teaching method. Unlike the current teaching method used in many Filipino schools, this technique is created to apply to students who are more comfortable with a relaxed environment. It also augments the student's curiosity to learn.

As a matter of fact, many teachers have not yet applied this teaching method, though in the near future schools will incorporate this unique teaching method to cope up with the growing need for high-caliber students and to meet the demands and expectations of job employment.