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Ascending Learning: PSD Exhibit Prowess Thru Academic Olympiad

Posted on Sunday the 17th of February 2019

By: Chriszel Garcia and Catelyn Fajardo

The Academic Olympiad is one of the most-awaited and anticipated events in the school. It is a program that conveys both intelligence and ability of the students, together with the help of their dear advisers and faculty. With the opportunity to showcase their strengths in various fields in Filipino, English, Mathematics, and more, the students continue to impress everyone ever year through employing what they've learned in the Academic Olympiad.
The Junior High School (JHS) Department held its Academic Olympiad from the 13th to the 15th of January with the theme "Ascending Learning: Gearing Up to a Progressive Academic Milestone." The event began with a prayer led by Mary Angela C. Carandang, followed by the singing of the national anthems. The first day of the three-day event was emceed by Glanz Andrei Fidel G. Cabrera and Julia Marie G. Del Rosario of Grade 8 Aristotle.
The first competition that took place was the Awiting Bayan of the Grade 7. It is a contest wherein each section can showcase their cover of any traditional folk song in the Philippines. All sections displayed their creativity through the handcrafted props they used while dancing. The mechanics of the competition was discussed by Mrs. Mary Ann C. Mueda. After, the judges of the Awiting Bayan were introduced by Sir Michael L. Roca.
Before the awarding of winners for the Awiting Bayan, Julia Nicole B. Jimenea and Eric Christopher M. Tandoc presented a lovely intermission number together with their violins. They played a cover of Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko which left the audience in awe.
The Radio Broadcasting of selected students from each of the Grade 8 sections followed soon, allowing the students to talk about any news related to PSD. They were given the freedom to make their own scripts and report on stage regarding events that took place in the school such as the Intramurals. The students were also given a chance to showcase their creativity through their infomercials.
After a lunch break was given, the program continued with the Grade 9 students buzzing with eagerness to present the performances they've worked hard on and entertain the crowd with their Tunog Pinoy. With Jomari Pineda and Shaina Pineda as the emcees, the program ensued. All of the sections exhibited their marvelous performances incorporated with the latest OPM songs that gave sense to their storylines, entertaining the audience. Each section had their own strategy of capturing the attention of the crowd, from their different storylines, mellifluous vocals, lively dances, up to their intricate props and aesthetic attires.
The new emcees, Jamie Sison and Lawrence Mararac, soon got ready as the Grade 10 students prepared for their performances briefly after the Grade 9's. They had prepared earnestly for their Madulang Sabayang Pagbigkas, also known as Bigsawit, with the piece "Mga Bagong Kabataang Pilipino". Despite the limitation of using the same piece, all the sections were able to make their performances unique and distinct in their own creative ways. Undeniably, all performances left the audience in amazement, leaving them with goosebumps all over.
The second day of the Academic Olympiad started with the Clash of the Wizards, emceed by Francesca Luya and Ershad Anog. Seven groups, namely Asia, Africa, Antarctica, Europe, Oceania, North America, and South America, competed using their intelligence and prior knowledge. There were seven rounds for the competition, all of varying difficulties. These rounds were what made the competition unpredictable and interesting as the contestants continued to use both their minds and their bravery due to the risks to take with certain rounds such as the All or Nothing. After every round, the Trivia Queen, Mrs. Kristine S. Alidon, encouraged the crowd to participate and use their minds as well as she asked queries to the audience. When the unpredictable competition finally had its results, the winners were announced. Team Europe garnered 28 points, Team North America with 31 points, and Team Asia with 42 points were given awards for having the highest scores within their team, whilst the highest scorers from each grade level during the eliminations were also given acknowledgement for their success.

Clash of the Wizards
2nd Runner Up - Team Europe
1st Runner Up - Team North America
Champion - Team Asia
Grade 7 Top Scorer - Lawrence Lontoc
Grade 8 Top Scorer - Raphael Tobias
Grade 9 Top Scorer - Ivanna Madriaga
Grade 10 Top Scorer - Philip Valerio

The Character Impersonation competition followed after a short break, with Joyce Teves and Kara Cabangcalan as the emcees. After Aiko Fedillaga's prayer, Mrs. Riza P. Constantino introduced the judges for the competition, followed by Mr. Randy C. Nilles with the reading of mechanics. Four students from each grade level were chosen to present a character regarding to the theme assigned to their grade. To introduce the contestants creatively, the HIYAW dance troupe performed and dance with them, giving a bright and lively performance to the audience.