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Posted on Tuesday the 28th of March 2017

By: Hannah Sulaik and Julieane Santos

Amass of sparkling inspiration and creativity for reading, Philippine School Doha (PSD) memorialized its annual book week celebration with the theme: "Today's Readers Inclusivity in Diversity" last Nov. 10 at the PSD Gymnasium. The joyous occasion was a blast as the redefinition of art in ethics and values were found in the remarkable and diverse stories in the celebration. Hence, the promotion of awareness in knowing and learning marked in the minds of PSDians through the various creative activities they have participated. After all, the event was the fruit of all the collaborative efforts of high school English teachers and the undeniable support and participation from the students.

The highlight of the said event was from the culminating program of the character's parade adapted from the hit classical story "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee and the splendid theatrical performances of speech choirs, character castings and plays performed by the Grade 10 students. Likewise, character impersonations and orations were delivered by selected high school students. Moreover, the different books were brought forth into reality by each class as they participated in the bulletin board making contest.

The book week celebration rejuvenated PSDians's lessons from the past occurring through the diverse magical world of books. The campaign for reading has never stopped shaping the wonders of literature and neither is learning nor exploring. By the same token, the main objective in this year's bibliophic event was instilling morals and values that require thorough understanding and inclusivity while skyrocketing the importance of reading.

"There is beauty in the books we read" as quoted by Ms. Caridad CaƱete during her closing remarks that concluded the end of the celebration. The delicate chase in reading has provided young readers profound knowledge in all aspect. Surely, the art of reading has never stopped as it aided humanity few years back and still continue to grow in the hearts of the passionate youth. In today's world full of diversity, there are certain instances and ranges that fires up a person's system; things that allow and enable them to reflect upon their own imaginations and things that linger lessons through the art of reading. Truly, PSD helps in preserving the values in exploration through reading and learning by offering opportunities and events to all its students. Indeed, PSD is simply the Best.