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Cuaton Shines in Tourism Metropolitan International

Posted on Tuesday the 22nd of November 2016

By: Mr. Don John A. Vallesteros

Ladies from all over the world and with diverse backgrounds comprise this year's batch of hopefuls, all poised to inherit the crown of 2016 Miss Tourism Metropolitan. The Philippines sustained its impressive record in the International pageants after Mutya ng Pilipinas 2015 Janela Joy Cuaton won first runner-up and bested other aspirants for the crown, taking home the country's victory in ceremonies held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Nov. 18. Splashes of creativity, innovative costumes and unique talents filled the night as each delegate presents the grandiose cultural allure during the said competition.

The emotional Cuaton clasped her hands over her chest upon her proclamation as 1st runner up. Tears trickled down her cheeks as her predecessor put the crown on her head. "I cannot believe this moment right now, and I am ecstatic and happy," said Cuaton who was hailed from Doha, Qatar after her coronation. "I did not go on this journey alone. I had a lot of love from the people around me. This moment only happens in my dreams. Thank you, Cambodia. Thank you, Miss Tourism Metropolitan International," she said.

Cuaton was crowd's favorite in the 2015 Mutya ng Pilipinas pageant, with a massive support base behind her. Janella's victory did not come as a surprise, as she received the heaviest support from the audience, both in Doha Qatar and in the Philippines. Her road to Mutya was well-supported and endorsed by the Philippine Embassy in Doha and Philippine School Doha. The 19-year-old alumna of Philippine School Doha (PSD) was a consistent achiever of PSD. PSDians were all united behind Cuaton whom they lovingly referred to as 'one of their own' in every special activity of the pageant leading to the grand coronation night. The number of her supporters grew as she embarked on her journey to the Miss International crown.

For the tilt's question with regard to the promotion of Cambodian culture, Cuaton confidently said that she would promote Cambodia's passion through creating a marketing campaign that would raise curiosity and be able to showcase the beauty and fashion of Cambodia. People must remember that the real treasure of Cambodia is its people, its undeniable spirit and its warm smile. For winning the international crown, Cuaton is expected to work on projects which foster international understanding around the world. Meanwhile, Thailand's Amanda Charleen was crowned this year's Miss Tourism Metropolitan International by Uganda's Sheila Kirabo. The second runner-up was Cambodia's Hang Manita, 3rd runner-up was Raquel Maria Guevara Avila of Costa Rica, and 4th runner-up was Zijun Jia of China.

Moreover, Dr. Alexander S. Acosta, PSD school principal, expressed his pleasure with Janella's recent victory. "Janella is PSD's pride in the limelight of pageantry. She has the confidence and determination, and she is strong-willed. I believe that Janela will devote herself to international cultural understanding. She is very sensitive to other cultures that she knows how to expand her horizons, tolerate differences and appreciate diversity. All of these enables her to achieve global recognition" Dr. Acosta said.

Miss Tourism Metropolitan International was created by Cambodia's Tan Sri Datuk Danny Ooi to provide a platform for aspiring beauty queens to "enhance their self-development skills. The homegrown bet of the Filipino community in the State of Qatar stepped up the game and clinched the title in recent competition. Janella's inclusion gave the overseas contingent a tough competition. The said event attested that PSDians are proficient of competing with their counterparts. This substantiates that PSDians are not caged in academics but they are also thought to think beyond their boundaries of knowledge. This immortalizes the motto of the school, PSD is simply the B.E.S.T.!