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Global Excellence: PSD Generates Competent Researchers

Posted on Monday the 02nd of September 2019

By: Allyza Platitas and Patrick Gomez

On the 19th of August, eager hearted Senior High School students gathered in the Edgar V. Bondoc (EVB) Gymnasium for a Research Seminar which aimed to guide and lead them in producing exceptional research papers worthy of international publication.
In line of the Buwan ng Wika, Nicole Tan and Yousuf Escandar, along with the 12- Tantalum, spearheaded the assembly while showcasing their patriotism by wearing the Philippine National costumes, Barong and FilipiƱana and through speaking in fluent Filipino. It was followed by a warm welcoming remark from the beloved Senior High School Vice Principal, Dr. Noemi Formaran, who kindly reminded the students to listen attentively to the following seminar and to always illustrate excellence and integrity in everything the students do. Preceding the Research seminar, the Grade 11 students evacuated the gymnasium and the Grade 12 students were asked to occupy the front seats so as to understand the discussion better. The hosts initiated the research seminar by introducing the esteemed speaker, Dr. Fredelito Don John Vallesteros.
With the seminar's theme, "Revisiting IMRAD: A Response to International Publication", the speaker went in-depth to discuss the details of a good research paper following the IMRAD format. He also gave the students tips on how to find great references, the research flow, cross-referencing process, and ways to avoid plagiarism. The students were evidently paying attention all throughout the seminar as the speaker was very engaging - throwing questions and making light jokes from time to time. Although the students were already familiar with the discussed topics, the speaker still went over each portion of IMRAD to give new information and reinforce the students' existing knowledge in order to produce research papers worthy of being published internationally. Subsequently, the question and answer portion of the program was held. Students inquired about the schedule of the final defense, clarifications on the member-checking procedures, and the validity of journals. Dr. Vallesteros answered each question with ease and was able to satisfy the students' curiosity. He ended his discourse with his words of encouragement for the students, "I believe you can all do it and Grade 12 will soar high!". The gym was filled with the sounds of applause for the conclusion of a productive and highly informative seminar. After that, the closing remarks was given by Dr. Noemi Formaran. She took the opportunity to thank the speaker for sharing his expertise and to challenge the students to make their school year very memorable by achieving their goals. The Grade 12 students went back to their respective classrooms and continued with their regular schedule after a 30-minute break.
Meanwhile, the Grade 11 students were escorted to the gym for the second half of the program. The second seminar of the day with its theme, "From Creativity To Productivity: Enhancing Great Minds Through Research" was formally started with the welcoming remarks given by Dr. Noemi F. Formaran that was then followed by the commencement of the seminar proper by the speaker, Dr. Lorina S. Villanueva who started the seminar by sharing what she gained from a Francis Kong's talk about discipline and energy. She emphasized two important points: to prioritize intellect while avoiding manipulation by emotions and to know the importance of personal discipline in the attainment of one's mission. The second speaker stated that, "If you want to be a person with integrity, you must do what is right", to further give an idea on her main topic - Academic Integrity. The speaker also played a catchy song of integrity to give the students a clearer view about the day's topic. Afterwards, the discussion about plagiarism took over. Dr. Villanueva also discussed the serious matter and talked about numerous information about plagiarism and the reasons for it. At some point in the seminar, there was an interaction between students and the speaker as she tested the students' understanding of the discussed topics. As the seminar neared its end, the speaker showed more videos about plagiarism that provided entertainment to the students. Afterwards, Gabrielle Capatayan led the closing prayer to formally end the program.
It was truly a productive seminar as the students gained knowledge of both the technical and ethical facets of Research. PSD is indeed leading students in the maximum development of their potentials as they held such seminars to shape them into excellent and multidisciplinary individuals. Thus, making PSD advance one step towards achieving their mission of developing globally competitive graduates.