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Green is the New PSD: INSET Cultivates Renewed Culture of Excellence

Posted on Tuesday the 02nd of July 2019

by Marelle Bañez and Alexandra Delavin

As the new school year approaches fast, Philippine School Doha (PSD) held the first day of its In-Service Training (INSET) with the theme "INSET 2019: Transforming Culture of Excellence into Standards" in the Edgar V. Bondoc (EVB) Gymnasium on the 17th of June wherein the teaching and non-teaching, staffs were given a chance to expand their knowledge on their culture of excellence formed by the standards they have set for themselves.

The program, spearheaded by Mr. Danilo Keh Jr. and Mr. Chris Watchon, started with the announcement of the House Rules by Ms. Monette Cayatoc. To praise and give thanks to the Almighty God, the Invocation was led by Dr. Evelyn Mariñas followed by the Anthems. The hosts then took the stage to start the roll call for each of the departments where they all shout with high energy and enthusiasm. Afterward, Mrs. Maricel Gubat proceeded to deliver the Vitamins of the Day wherein she talked about the color green, as it is not only a relaxing color nor just the combination of blue and yellow, but also a symbol of the status of each PSD staff: Renewal. Energy. Growth. Freshness. Endurance. Rebirth. Adventure. Mrs. Gubat reminded everyone to upgrade themselves, and forget what was not good and just remember the lessons of the S.Y. 2018-2019. Coinciding with her speech, every PSD staff wore the color green for this day. Since the day is still young, Dr. Julius Edrosolam, together with the MAPEH Teachers, led the Morning Exercise with songs such as Buwan by John Karlos Labajo, to boost the energy as the staff danced to the rhythm.

Before the first session began, few notable members of the PSD staff were asked towards their expectations for this year's INSET. Ms. Aurora Lopez, Grade 3 teacher, expects that they would be able to achieve the theme, which is transforming excellence into standards of the school. Furthermore, Mr. Randolf Abastillas, General Maintenance of SMSD answered with three simple words, excitement, knowledge, and uniting. Lastly, Dr. Alexander Acosta, school principal, shared his enthusiasm for this year's INSET that is centered on something new, wherein each department will form its own set of standards cultivated from their culture of excellence. He ended his statement by saying that he looks forward to more fun, exercises, and workshops. Based on each of their sentiments, it is evident that the PSD staff will have many new experiences in store for them.

Following this, the first session led by Mr. Danilo Keh Jr. entitled "Strength in Numbers" took place. His session centered around strength in unity; he urged the PSD staff to emulate the unity found in the NBA basketball team, the Golden State Warriors, for they have the highest assist percentage. If PSD would be able to replicate the same energy of the team, it would grow to be a community of excellence. With this in mind, the workshop for this session began.

After the lunch break and workshop, a session regarding the school policies for faculty and staff from the Human Resource Department took place. Despite the keenness of the PSD staff to involve themselves in more workshops and gain more knowledge, alas, the next sessions must be saved for the following days ahead. The first day promptly came to an end through a prayer led by Dr. Bobby Henerale.

PSD is known for their 'Service and Excellence', which is exactly what this year's INSET is aiming to promulgate among the PSD staff. The first day and the days to come will surely bring about countless memories, new knowledge, and a stronger bond. At the end of this training, each of the staff will be renewed as professionals, not only individually, but also as a community. PSD has always been recognized for the amount of green found in its school building, but now, it will not only be a facade, but also an embodiment of its staff.