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Gurong Pinasaya: PSD Honors the Torchbearers of Education

Posted on Wednesday the 19th of September 2018

By Reema Macadato and Tedric Garduce

In line with the celebration of the World Teacher's Day which was held last October 4 in Philippine School Doha (PSD), Student Supreme Government (SSG) took the lead in holding the program to show the amount of gratitude the students have for the continuous selfless service the PSD teachers show, and honor those who have been the torchbearers to the path of righteousness and success for the students.
The program began with a prayer led by the Grade 11 representative Ysabelle Mendoza as all the students, teachers, faculty, and staff humbled themselves as they put themselves in the presence of God. After the usual program routine, a brief intermission was presented by the HIYAW members showing their powerful and melodious vocals singing Jessie J's Flashlight. Chester Cueto, this year's SSG president shared his gratitude and tribute message, acknowledging the teachers for their dedication and hard work. The light-hearted and easygoing atmosphere, created by the charismatic and skilled emcees moved along with the next performance of the program, where Xandre Acosta and Hanna Leanda sang a beautiful rendition of "You are the Reason" by Calum Scott. Their lyrical voices touched the hearts of the teachers as the meaningful lyrics acted as a poem of gratitude dedicated for them. As the ambiance from their performance lingers in the ears of the staff members, the HIYAW Dance Ensemble went back to the stage to liven up the mood and bring back the teachers to the past with classic hits from back in the day like the "Rock Baby Rock" by VST & Company, the modernized version of "Ocho Ocho", and the playful track "Spaghetti" by Sexbomb Girls, which caused a chain reaction of exclaims and claps from the students who were enthralled by the fluid yet jittery dance moves that the club members expertly executed with energy.
After recovering from that sudden high of a performance, the karaoke challenge spiced up the celebration, inviting all the teachers from all departments to show their talent and showcase their outstanding confidence. The Preschool Department was represented by Ms. Erly Lantan singing her version of "Your Love". The Primary Department's representative Ms. Maria Cryselle Obia did not fail to impress the audience with her rendition of "Ang Huling El Bimbo". Ms. Kimberly Leoncio of the Intermediate Department loose and sang "Way Back into Love" which struck a chord with the many heartbroken souls scattered in the audience. The energy levels though were almost through the roof as Ms. Sarah Garcia, accompanied by the rest of the Junior High School Department sang and danced along to "Build Me A Buttercup" by The Foundations. Moreover, the Senior High School Department also did not fail to show their love as their hand-picked representative, Mr. Allen Rosima sang "When You Say Nothing at All". Subsequently, the last participant was accompanied by the PSD Principal and Unit Heads, Sir Jose Santos Jr. together with Dr. Noemi Formaran performed the song "Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko" by Rey Valera, refreshing was it indeed, to see the Unit Heads unwind and relish the song for themselves.
Ultimately, the Junior High School Department won as it was chosen by the most numerous and loudest clap among the audience. The program was closing soon as the Chorale made their way to the stage and presented a tribute to the teachers as they sang "Circle of Life" by Elton John and "Salamat" by Yeng Constantino. Indeed, their pitch reverberated and warmed the teachers' hearts as the students also sang wholeheartedly, overwhelmed with joy as their hands reached towards the audience, offering their own appreciation for their teachers' selfless service. The program ended with the giving of frames to each faculty member, as a token of recognition and respect.
Undeniably, the successful program entertained, connected, and honored the modern heroes of this era who continue to strive, not only for the school but also as an influence on the students' lives. They are leaders who will continue to pursue the vision that they have.