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Health is Wealth

Posted on Saturday the 12th of August 2017

By Krizia Racal

Mahatma Gandhi once said that it is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. Indeed, the greatest wealth is health and good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. In view of this, Philippine School Doha (PSD) celebrated its 43rd Nutrition Month Celebration with the theme "Healthy Diet, Gawing Habit-FOR LIFE!" last 31st of July, 2017 with the PSDians playing a big role in this event. Later then that day, the annual Nutrition Month awarding ceremony was held at the audio visual room presented by Elian Bernales and Veronica Talucod.
The event started with an opening prayer led and was followed by the opening remarks of Dr. Caridad Cañete who opened her speech with the quote "Masustansiyang pagkain ang ihain para humaba ang buhay natin!" and emphasized the importance of heath in our lives. Certificates of Appreciation were then awarded to all sections of the Junior High School for their great efforts and active participation in making this event a huge success. But before proceeding to the most awaited part of the event, Remi Boys, a group of skilled dancers staged a performance for the crowd. After the intermission number, the awarding ceremony officially started. Certificate of recognition was awarded to the winners of the Nutri- slogan competition of the Grade 7 level with Group 1 of 7- Hubble and Group 1 of 7- Kepler winning the 3rd place, Group 3 of 7- Hubble as the 2nd place and there was another tie for the 1st place between the Group 3 of 7- Galilei and the Group 5 of 7- Armstrong. It was also awarded to the winners of the Grade 8 level with the similar category; they were Antanya Varquez of 8 Versalius, Gael Garcia and David Sikat of 8- Aristotle winning 3rd, 2nd and 1st respectively. The students of the grade 9 and 10 level all fought for the prize of the Nutri- Poster competition but Alexandra Fauni of 9- Lavoiser, 3rd place, Chynna Belgica of 9- Lavoiser, 2nd place and Maia Sano of 9- Dalton, 1st place were all declared as victors in the Grade 9 level and Angelica dela Cruz of 10- Einstein, 3rd place, Rogsh Garcia of 10- Einstein, 2nd place and Charles del Rosario of 10- Newton, 1st place in the grade 10- level. For this event, students of the Junior High School also prepared a little "salo- salo" and awards were given to the sections with the healthiest feast: 7- Galilei, 8- Hooke, 9- Curie and 10- Thomson winning 3rd place, 7- Hubble, 8- Aristotle, 9- Rutherford and 10 - Pascal as the 2nd runner ups and 7- Armstrong, 8- Mendel, 9- Dalton and 10- Faraday as this year's champion in the said category. Afterwards, Dr. Alexander S. Acosta expressed his views and opinions about how proper nutrition can lengthen our lifespan and stressed about health as a relationship between a person and its body in his closing remarks. Of course, this event will not be complete without giving tokens of gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Alexander S. Acosta, Dr. Caridad Cañete, judges, TLE teachers and all the staff who made this event possible which is presented by Edreign Magdael. The event finally concluded with a solemn prayer.

Indeed, being healthy isn't a goal but a way of living and this year's Nutrition Month Celebration thickened our knowledge about the proper ways of taking care of our body and may serve as an inspiration for everyone to strive to be vigorous and fit.