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Posted on Sunday the 20th of November 2016

By: Mr. Don John A. Vallesteros

Kingdom of Bahrain - Nearly hundreds of participants from different parts of the Middle East participated in the 2016 DHL Express MENA Porsche Painting Competition which slated last October at the DHL Bahrain. This competition seeks to imagine what the design on the car should look like as it brings out the best creative talents and skills of many young students in the field of visual arts. This year, Kara Ysabelle Icasiano won on the PORSCHE Painting Competition 2016 DHL Express in the Middle East & North Africa.

Held last October 31 to Nov. 1 at the Aviation Bahrain, the participants were tasked to render oil on canvas tableaus which embodied the warm and soothing vibe of the Porsche car. Scored by an understanding of the techniques and methods that are entailed in the making of traditional-representational paintings, all of the competition's entries bore infusions of the painting style - a trait that can be expected from a competition among the members of the panel of judges. The originality of the piece is also essential, and is in fact one of the main criteria for judging, apart from relevance to the theme and visual impact.
On her journey to compete, Mr. Celso Icasiano, Kara's father, mentioned that her daughter preferred to compete because they took her as a person who is enthusiastic to go the extra mile. "Her perseverance and talent really helped her a lot". The assistance given to her by her family and friends greatly improved her skills and enhanced her talents. As a painter, Icasiano said that her forte is more on portraits and realism. She joined the DHL-sponsored painting contest not just for the reward but to further progress her abilities.

Her participation in the contest has also become a motivation to fellow PSD artists. Dr. Alexander S. Acosta, PSD principal said that her willpower is not just inspiring, but encouraging as well. "She can encourage you, but her perseverance will also spark you to work tougher. It is not whether you win or lose. PSDians have to recall that experience, an unrivaled one, is the most invaluable thing you will get out of joining a competition. Kara is an example of a champion who is not made out of nothing but made from something she has deep inside her - a hope, a determination, a vision" Dr. Acosta added.

The DHL Painting contest aims to adopt camaraderie among youths and emboldens them to sharpen their abilities through friendly and imaginative race. This competition contributes to the body of talent that will soon be venerated by arts aficionados around the Middle East. Likewise, this prompts students to share thoughts about the future of transportation. The more they believe in the power of dreams, the more visions will come true. DHL, the world leader in express and logistics, is providing support for a groundbreaking project that is exploring the future of transportation. In their efforts to stay ahead of the curve, DHL is continuously looking at ways in which their own business could be enhanced or renewed over the near and long-term. DHL has inspired a lot of people with their own logistics performance today and that they have made a contribution to their future success in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition.

Icasiano is currently enrolled in Philippine School Doha, Grade 8 -Amber. PSD, which is known to be the "Home of the Champions", only proves that PSD simply delivers the B.E.S.T. (Balance Education in Science and Technology).