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Junior High School Cultivates Patriotism

Posted on Monday the 02nd of September 2019

By: Catelyn Fajardo

With the aim to continue instilling into the students the dedication for the country and concern for the well-being, Philippine School Doha celebrated Nutrition Month on July 31 for the Intermediate Department and on August 1 for the Junior High School students. Buwan ng Wika and the ASEAN celebration were also commemorated on August 1 by the Junior High School department as a feast was held after completing various tasks for the events.
In order to promote the theme of Nutrition Month, "Kumain nang Wasto at Maging Aktibo. Push Natin 'To", Junior High School students were given tasks days prior from the celebration such as Longganisa Making for Grade 7, Smoothie Making for Grade 8, making a Nutri-Board for Grade 9, and performing a Nutri-Jingle for Grade 10. On July 31, the Junior High School Students danced Zumba in their respective classrooms to start the day right. The info-boards and infomercials created by each class were then displayed in each classroom, showing different facts and articles about ASEAN in a unique way in order to help people be more encouraged to learn about it. Each class also worked together in order to produce an entertaining but also an informative video about ASEAN. Different concepts and ideas were put together making each infomercial unique and interesting.
Consequently, on August 1, the students brought different types of foods from their own regions in the Philippines. They attended school whilst wearing their elegant regional costumes varying with colors, styles, and designs. Each class earnestly decorated their classrooms for the event and organized their dishes that showcased their creativity.
After the preparations, the sections held programs in their own classrooms. The students were able to enjoy various games that tested their skills. Students also got to show their talents in singing and playing instruments through performing different OPM songs while some showed their skills in dancing as they perform their own choreographies. In between these activities, judges entered classrooms to grade the info-boards for ASEAN and judge the classroom decorations and set-up.
Once the judges were done visiting each room, dishes were devoured and enjoyed by the students. Afterwards, each section was then asked to have two representatives for both male and female to judge who wore the best regional costume from each batch. The chosen students walked with elegance and poise in the corresponding hallways of each grade, while flashing smiles and flaunting confidence with their beautiful barong tagalogs and filipinianas.
Amidst that, the students also watched the infomercials about ASEAN of their section and as well as the products of the other sections in their grade. Soon after, the eventful day came to an end as the students left the school with full stomachs and a new set of memories made. Indeed, PSD had always kept the dedication and patriotism of its students intact and aflame.