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Posted on Sunday the 17th of February 2019

By: Dr. Don John A. Vallesteros, Vianca GloriƩne Pujante & Romeo Ezekiel Ocfemia

Malaysia - Nearly hundreds of participants from different parts of the world participated in the 23rd UCMAS International Competition 2018 which slated last December 9-10. The Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System (UCMAS) is a unique brain development programme founded in Malaysia since 1993 and has been offered in India since 1999. It has been established especially for children to develop their mental power and proficiency in Mathematics at a very young age. This year, Kaitlynn Cabe Parcero, a third-grade student from Philippine School Doha, has won as the 2nd runner-up. Earlier in December 2018, the 8-year old math wizard was sent to Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN), a private university located in Selangor, Malaysia, to compete internationally with 3,000 participants from 40 countries across the world. Parcero triumphed as the 2nd runner-up in Visual Competition of Category E - Intermediate A.
In an exclusive interview with The Link, she shares about her experience and efforts on her journey to the worldwide academic tournament at such a young age. When she learned that she's going to be sent to join the international competition, Parcero couldn't hide her excitement. "I felt happy and excited so I prepared by practicing lots of math worksheets before the competition. My family and classmates knew about it and I was thankful because they wished me good luck and promised that they will always support me no matter what" she exclaimed. During the competition, Parcero felt so nervous but still excited at the same time. For her, the competition was very challenging because she needed to work hard so she could get in there. Mathematics has always been this young lady's favorite subject.
However, during her younger years, she wasn't really good at math. Her parents pushed her to do it. "I studied hard so I can be good at it. I want to be an engineer when I grow up" she mentioned. "My family felt happy, shocked, and surprised as well because we didn't expect that I will win the 2nd runner-up but I did, and it was my first time" she added. Parcero left a message to Link for those who wanted to participate in academic tournaments, she mentioned "If they also want to join in academic competitions, they should study hard, practice hard, and never give up no matter what happens. You can be who you want to be". On being asked if she plans to get involved in more international contests in the future, Parcero courageously answered "Yes, I would love to join more competitions." Parcero is currently enrolled in Philippine School Doha Primary Department Grade 3 - Chrysanthemum. She is under the headship of Dr. Cleofe Pascual, the department's Vice Principal.
This young PSDian's inclusion gave the overseas contingent a tough competition. The said event attested that PSDians are proficient of competing with their counterparts. This substantiates that PSDians are well-trained academically and taught to think beyond their boundaries of knowledge. Philippine School Doha, which is known to be the "Home of the Champions", only immortalizes the motto of the school that PSD simply delivers the B.E.S.T. (Balance Education in Science and Technology).