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Philippine School Doha Unbolts New Campus

Posted on Saturday the 12th of August 2017

By: Clint Maramag and Marelle Banez

Beneath the glow of the early morning sun shines an even brighter entity, the new Philippine Science School Doha campus, as it buzzes off the school year with the first day of its academic time marked by humble beginnings last 2nd of July.
Steve Jobs once said that quality will always surpass quantity. Morever, it is essential to focus on internal aspects rather than measurable features. It was the hard work and commitment of the PSSD family which enabled all staffs, students, and parents to witness the innovative and over-the-top superiority of the school. Everyone was welcomed with delightful smiles as several students and faculty staffs were in service to usher and guide the parents along with their children. Students from each grade were overwhelmed with excitement and anticipation as they could finally have a glimpse of their life at the newly constructed school building and they were able to know their respective advisers and as well as their own classmates. They were already dispersed around every corner of the school, either conversing with close friends they haven't seen in a while or exploring every nook and cranny of the somewhat unfamiliar territory. Even parents were roaming the halls, thrilled to see and envision their children studying at a refined facility.
Aside from that, there were also activities that were prepared for them to participate in. A lot of students were astonished with the newfangled equipment that the new campus had while any teachers believed that this would be a big milestone to further strengthen the quality education that PSSDians truly deserve.
Public opinions with regards to the new school building arose which had an overwhelmingly positive feedback. Zendrick Magboo, a PSSDian, was one example of this positive response:
"With a campus that has better facilities, I do so believe that PSSDians will surely receive better quality education. We can learn more with the availability of resources and better facilities. Students don't have to share a single science laboratory and more students will be able to access the science laboratory room at the same time."
Despite the fact of some minor complications that shortened the school opening which was caused by the inevitable UV rays of the blazing sun, that resulted to the malfunction of the air conditioner vents, students were still able to make use of their time by familiarizing with the new environment and bonding with their own classmates.
Even if things went quite awry on that day, it only aimed to show how the PSSD family would deal with unforeseen situations. This school year's opening could be deemed as a test, and tests don't always go as smoothly as expected. However, the triumphant reputation of the newly orientated PSSD campus would never cease to drop despite any complications they could encounter again in the future as the occurrence is blended with a hint of understanding and consideration. In the end, all institutes are equal and PSSD would continue to rise its name, as they uphold the passion of service and excellence!