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PSD Elects Its Future Leaders

Posted on Saturday the 12th of August 2017

By: Samantha Dominguez

A new school year would certainly mean that fresh faces will be leading the PSDians for the next ten months, creating new opportunities and experiences for the students. The Supreme Student Government (SSG) election was held last July 2 at the audio visual room, spearheaded by the Student COMELEC (SCOMELEC) and SSG's moderator Dr. Julius A. Reyes. As the event was about to start, potential nominees from the school's intermediate to senior high school class presidents fill up the room beaming with energy and enthusiasm.
The event started with a simple prayer and was followed by the election itself, beginning with the position of utmost importance, the SSG president. The student who won the spot by default was Ina Castro of Grade 12 Palladium; fellow class presidents seemed to agree that Castro was a perfect fit for the position as she was unopposed. The next opened nomination was for Vice President, the following nominees were Danielle Luceño, Ivan Tomaroy and Paolo Dipasupil. Each student gave a short speech, encouraging their fellow schoolmates as to why they should be chosen. Both Luceño and Tomaroy promised to do their best and create a promising school year while Dipasupil mentioned his 7 year experience with SSG. The students present, voted through a show of hands and in the end Paolo Dipasupil of 10 Edison won as Vice President, receiving 32 votes out of 63. The following positions to be opened to nomination were the positions for Secretary, Treasurer and Auditor, all of which were won by default by Danielle Luceño, Nicole Pedrezuela and Mary Orlino respectively. The nomination for PRO came right after, with the nominees being Haroun Sangcopan and Bianca Colle. Sangcopan promised his fellow class presidents that he would not only make it the happiest school year for them but also for the rest of the PSDians, on the other hand Colle thanked those who nominated her. Ultimately, Haroun Sangcopan won the election by a landslide, receiving most of the support of the Intermediate and Junior High School. The next spot opened was the chance as Business Manager, Chester Cueto, Jhester Santiago and Gian Balajadia were nominated, all of whom came from the Senior High School Department. As the nominations followed through, Balajadia abstained as he was a part of another major organization - Hiyaw; and so the two remaining candidates proceeded in front, both thanking those who have nominated them and with Cueto ending his short speech with the iconic "Power!". In the end, Chester Cueto won the position as Business Manager, receiving 52 votes out of 63. The last major position to be opened was the spot for Peace Officer, which will create an opportunity for not only one student to win but two, both being selected from the first and second highest receiver of votes. Nominated were Jhester Santiago, Marielle Evangelista, Aya Lubon and finally, Bianca Colle; all of them made a spontaneous short speech thanking everyone who nominated them and reminding their fellow schoolmates to vote for someone who will do their best and will be optimistic. As the votes were tallied, Evangelista eventually won receiving 32 votes, Colle also won with 14, coming in third was Santiago with 10 and finally Lubon with 7.
As the election for the major positions came to an end, the SCOMELEC prepared for the selections of the different level representatives, and of course, Dr. Julius Reyes reminded each and every one of the present individuals, to select someone who knows responsibility and possesses the qualities of a leader. Although there were some minor problems in the Grade 4 level's selection, in the end each level chose a certain student who they think fits the qualities of a great leader and can be a part of the student body that will guide the PSDians through thick and thin. The following representatives from the grade 4 level to the grade 12 level were, Liara Magno, Alina Hajan, Qatrina Pedrezuela, Jannen Sulaik, Alyana Faustino, Krishna Elaurza, Immanuel Salipsip, Vincent Febre and Jhester Santiago.
As the event ended, the newly elected members of SSG sat in front of the room with dignity. They were congratulated by the SCOMELEC Chairman, Chrislyn Fajardo, who also reminded them to do a good job as the new challenges are yet to come. The new SSG President, Ina Castro also took to herself to remind each member of the challenges and responsibilities for the school year and her hopes to overcome them. Dr. Reyes also gave a few reminders to Ms. Castro about how she should guide her fellow members, especially the new officers who had not yet experienced how to be a part of SSG. He also talked about how the members should be able to maintain their academic and extracurricular grades and how they are looked up to by their fellow students, which should encourage them to be role models and to practice the desire of "Service and Excellence".
Indeed, the chosen leaders of this school year's student body not only possess an array of leadership skills but also showcase passion, positivity, grit and the desire to help others as their top priority. All of which are characteristics of a leader that will enable others to grow as they themselves do so.