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PSD Hold Scouts’ Ingenuity; Wraps Scouting Month

Posted on Tuesday the 29th of November 2016

By: Mr. Don John A. Vallesteros

"Being a Scout is not virtuously displaying the uniform with the insignia and all the emblems indicating that he is an affiliate of this remarkable event committed to the service of fellowmen. It necessitates setting into practice the Scout's Vow and Decree and participating in all the endeavors of the unit as the case may be". These are the words uttered by Mrs. Paulita D. Pal, who is the school's scouting coordinator, with the solidarity of selected PSD faculty, staff and additional Scout Masters last Nov. 17 at Camp Marina, Al Khor. This year's scouting month celebration for the whole month of November is anchored on the theme: "Scouting: Education for Life, Guides: Connect, Grow, Impact" and Scouts: Growth and Stability". Scouts in Philippine School Doha (PSD) are not to be left behind as they recently held various activities that sustain solidarity such as investiture, rededication ceremony, camping, communal service and outdoor games.

Scouts from the primary, intermediate and junior high school departments flocked Marina Scout Camp, bringing with them their camping tents, and 3 days and 2 nights' worth of clothes and food supplies. Scouts' campsites were divided, each competing against fellow campers with the goal of earning accolades for having the best layout campsite. PSD Troop Leaders gathered to attend trainings and sessions. This was intended to instill the scout's practical arts as well as a few strategies on survival. Activities comprised were hand and whistle signal lessons, first aid, fire building and camp cooking, knot tying, gadget making, construing trajectory signs, map reading, and fire security awareness. Furthermore, scout songs were taught, and of course games wouldn't be awry, with the Jamboree as the most expected activity of all. Scouts were now well-taught on segment hitch knot tying, cooking an egg in a paper, manufacturing trail signs, building a tripod, using sticks to make fire, twigs and stones, proper marching, handling a whistle, responding to hand signals, and putting out a fire with a fire extinguisher or a blanket.

Dr. Alexander S. Acosta, PSD Principal believes that a tangible scout signifies generosity. During his visit in the camp site, he mentioned that PSD scouts must be concerned not only with his own welfare but also on the prosperity of his units. "We must not presume strange rewards for what we did for our institution. Our fulfillment should come from having done a decent turn," he uttered.

The campfire presentation was the highlight of the camporal; and, this was presented in a yell/cheer and cultural presentation wherein the troops battled it out to garner the 'best in cheering/yell' and the 'best in campfire presentation' awards, with the PSD's Scouting Committee acting as the board of judges. For the girl scouts, The first runner up in Cheer was Troop Elements under Tita Maricel Gubat and the best yell was awarded to Troop GEMS under Tita Rowena Elsa Sagayador. Meanwhile the "best in camp fire" award was claimed by Patrol Lilac at Patrol Sakura. The best troop was awarded to Patrol Gems while the best patrol leader was Reema Macadato. These activities were also enjoined by camp cooking wherein they were asked to cook a chicken dish. Kate Coronel under Troop Constellation was declared winner as she showcase her talent in cooking chicken chapsuey. Tita Wama Jorbina served as the troop leader. Moreover, camp craft was also done wherein scouters were asked to do a head dress depicting the theme. Patrol Diamond was hailed the overall winner, followed by Emerald and Sapphire. All of these patrols belong to Troop Gems also headed by Tita Rowena Elsa Sagayadoro. Meanwhile, Tita Noemi Formaran, over-all-in charge for girl scouts, mentioned that that the real badge of a scout is in his mind and his heart. "The badge is embodied in his thoughts and deeds as of his distinct and social life. As an individual, we must endeavor to live a clean and moral life, setting an example to others. The Scouting Month is a timely occasion to do it", Formaran cited.

In the boy scouts division, the following awards were drawn; Troop Qatar hailed as winner in Backwood Engineering, Orienteering, First Aide and Transporting. Knot Tying and Lashing, Marching and Fancy Drill, Best Cleaner, and Best in Uniform. However, Troop Pilipinas hailed as winner in the following challenges; Camp Cooking, cleanest troop, camp fire presentation, best cleaner, camp lay-out, and troop flag design.Meanwhile, Haroun Sangcopan, Arnel Bandahala and Michael Montero were awarded as Best Troop Leaders respectively. Dynic Seville , who was also awarded as most energetic scout, Kristian Alicante and Jhon Andrei de Chavez were awarded as best assistant troop leader. Troop Pilipinas was hailed as the over-all champion followed by Troop Qatar as first runner-up. These scouters were supervised by Richard Caballero (Troop Qatar), Aris Madrid (Troop Pilipinas), Jesus A. Vega (Troop Luzon), Randy Nilles (Troop Visayas), Ricardo Paig (Troop Mindanao) Roberto Jacob (Host and Evaluation) and Mr. Jonald Ramas who served as the over-all-charge of the boy scouts.

Through the years, this event became greater in scope. As a matter of fact, one of the highpoints of the scouting celebration is the "Moving Up and Rededication Ceremonies" from preschool to junior high school. These ceremonies were held last Nov.13-16 at PSD Gym. The coordinated BSP and GSP launching activity in Qatar was in line with the Department of Education (DepEd) regional Memorandum No. 282 series of 2013 dated September 25, 2013 directing schools to observe the 2013 scouting month. PSD will not stop to produce globally viable scouts that could all be leaders in the future, to prove that the increase of Senior Scouting from the different departments boosted the capabilities of the school's scouting movement. These scouting events were spearheaded by the SHS coordinator Mrs. Paulita D. Pal, with the teamwork of all PSD teaching and non-teaching staff.

The BSP was established on October 31, 1936, by Commonwealth Act No. 111. The Philippines became an independent Scouting nation in 1938, with the handover of assets of the BSA Philippine Council to the BSP. This aim to develop young Filipinos - spiritually, morally, physically, intellectually - and molds them to be responsible, law-abiding, productive citizens of their community, of their country, and of the world. Its mission is to inculcate in Scouts love of God, country and fellowmen; to prepare the youth for responsible leadership; and to contribute to nation-building according to the ideals, principles, and programs of Scouting. The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of Philippine School Doha aim to imbue in the youth the love of God, country, and fellow men; to train young people to become responsible leaders; and to contribute in nation-building.