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Posted on Wednesday the 19th of September 2018

By: Romeo Ezekiel M. Ocfemia

Students, teachers, and other art enthusiasts gathered as they cherish the artworks displayed inside the Edgar V. Bondoc (EVB) Gymnasium during the Pinta Awarding Ceremony on September 3.

The program started as Ms. Arlene C. Porte led everyone into a solemn prayer. The Audience then stood in attention as the Qatar and the Philippine National Anthems played. It was soon followed by a "Tula ng Pagtanggap" or a welcoming poem, delivered by a few chosen pupils from the K2 level. Their charming and well-rehearsed performance was admired by all. Dr. Alexander S. Acosta then delivered a short message, commending the Pre-School Department for the colorful and productive event. After the message, the poem entitled "Pinta: Pamilya, Pintura, Kultura", by Dr. Nida Garcia, was recited onstage by chosen Pre-School students. The adorable kids captivated the audience for they have displayed confidence throughout the entire performance. After the performers got offstage, a video presentation with a lively and rhythmic soundtrack was played. It showed pictures of what occurred during the week-long event. Soon after the video, it was time for the Giving of Recognition to the artists and sponsors. Artists were applauded as they received their Certificate of Recognition for their hard work and patience in creating their masterpieces. Sponsors were also called onstage to receive the artwork they have supported. After the Giving of Recognition, the Closing Remarks was delivered by Dr. Nida Garcia, she thanked the artists and supportive parents for coming to the prosperous event. The program soon came to an end with a Closing Prayer led by Ms. Parcenette S. Inoy.

Indeed, the event was a success as seen by the smiles on everyone's faces as they exit the EVB Gymnasium. The diverse talents of PSD were also recognized as they learn to make use of their skills to shed light on their cultural roots, so that they may never forget the essence of being a Filipino.