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Posted on Tuesday the 29th of November 2016

BY: Riza Buduan

In line with the celebration of the Philippine School Doha's 24th Founding Anniversary, the Intermediate Department proposed this fun-filled activity entitled "PSD@24 PERYAHAN NG BAYAN" which aimed at focusing on allowing students and other members of the Philippine School Doha community to take part in an activity beyond what they have usually engaged in. The Intermediate Department wished to promote awareness among students on what they have been missing since gadgets have tremendously affected their way of living. With the emergence of technology such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones among other things, this activity promoted the simple way of enjoyment without the aid of the technologically advanced tools.

The partakers experienced a unique way of playing and having fun in the midst of globalization. A different kind of experience enticed players to try the games of chance with hopes to win prizes. Players chose from variety of games with corresponding prizes according to how well they play the games.

"Peryahan ng Bayan" which transpired from October 2-5, was unquestionably an activity that was purposive in nature. Partakers experienced leisure while a cultural heritage was brought closer to their hearts. Those who took part in this activity brought out the child in them with the experience of playing games that were not commonly dealt with these days. The fun games include the following: Shooting Range, Basketball, Big Mouth, Ring Shooting, Ping Pong, Lucky Pick, Just Dance, and Color Wheel.

There was a spirit of fun, a festive atmosphere, and a life-changing experience that somehow changed someone's perspectives in terms of having enjoyment in more ways than one. There was also realization on the part of students that life in the past decades was that simple. Filipinos were unaffected with what life had to offer them and they lived with contentment no matter how difficult and simple life was. Undoubtedly, Filipinos of this generation have missed a lot and they have not realized that they could never bring back the hands of time. If only they could, they would never desire for anything material in exchange for the experience that they would get out of a Filipino culture called "perya."