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Posted on Saturday the 15th of October 2016

"Blending our strength through sportsmanship" was a fitting dictum for this year's event reflecting not just student potentials but also their character as sports enthusiasts and lovers of challenges. Philippine School Doha (PSD) held its annual Mister and Miss Intramurals 2016 pageant last Oct. 2 at PSD Gym which featured 4 girls and 4 boys who represented the school's different teams. The candidates entered with its imperial march as the roar of the audience boomed within the walls of Philippine School Doha. The reverberating shouts and cheers were of eagerness and excitement - a celebration to an impressive year of PSD, as the school celebrates its 24 years of existence.
The Masters of Ceremony Riza Constantino and Monaliza Cayatoc made the morning a pleasure for everyone in attendance through their humor, good nature and off-the-cuff remarks. Everyone was excited when the pageant finally began. All the members of the competing teams were present-shouting and cheering for their respective representatives. All the candidates oozed with beauty and charms, donning their creative production number, flounced and introduced themselves to the applauding viewers. The contestants awestruck the complexities and enthusiasms of the audience from beginning to end. And no doubt, it was indeed a sizzling hot number followed by the sportswear competition in their fashionable and elegant sports suit.

It was not only a day of beauty and physique as the candidates were also asked to express their thoughts. After a careful selection by the judges based on beauty, physique, and brain, winners were announced. With their spectacular appearances and heart-thumping postures, the newly crowned Mr. and Ms. Intrams Dale del Rosario and Shaina Igama ruled the stage. The two winners vanquished other contenders from various teams.

The winners of the event are as follows:

• Mr. and Ms. Photogenic (Raymond Labor and Shaina Igama)
• Best in Sportswear (Rogsh Garcia and Angelica Samonte)
• 3rd runner-ups : Gerald Vienz Batandolo (Yellow Tigers) and Thea Baco (White Lawin)
• 2nd runner-ups: Raymond Labor(White Lawin) and Pauline Von Giese (Yellow Tigers)
• 1st runner-ups : Rogsh Garcia and Angelica Samonte (Red Tamaraws)
• Mr. and Ms. Intrams : Dale del Rosario and Shaina Igama (Blue Eagles)

Dr. Paulita Pal, Senior High School Coordinator believed that the event was indeed an opportunity for every student to cultivate their potentials and eventually nurture their gifts as they grow up. She mentioned that all the participants were indeed amazing and she hopes that the winners will continue to show good values to all PSDians because it's always the character that matters. "I am equally proud of the parents who took their time to assist and guide their children. Looking at their fabulous performances, I know that they dedicated their time and allotted their resources just to make this event a success," she added. Dr. Pal also congratulated and thanked the parents and sponsors for their untiring support to their children's endeavors.

Flaunted as a search for the modern spirited, skilled, and talented young men and women, Mr. & Miss Intrams soars this year embodying the core tenets of its foundation of serving as a platform to promote unity and oneness among PSDians that will readily pave the way to heightened relationships in attaining the school's philosophy, service and excellence. Dr. Alexander S. Acosta, school principal mentioned that in order to build beauty of service and excellence, there's a need to form vital qualities of Filipino cultures through disseminating the seeds of cognizance and indebtedness among the different communities.

Everyone is unified by a common vision: to see that everyone is digging for building beauty of service and excellence which is a suitable platitude for this year's search, showcasing not just their capabilities but also their personality as aficionados of talents. The said event proved that PSDians are proficient of contending with their counterparts. This confirms that PSDians are not narrowed in academics but they are also thought to think afar from their boundaries of understanding. In the end, all of the smiles of the competitors proved that they are true winners after all, for they've exhibited the value of sportsmanship, confidence and determination all throughout the competition. This eternalizes the motto of the school; PSD is simply the…B.E.S.T.!