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Posted on Sunday the 23rd of September 2018

Dr. Don John A. Vallesteros

Philippine School Doha has taken important steps toward building an effective educational system by defining and adopting the best teaching practices to meet the demands of its clientele and the national needs of the State of Qatar. In fact, PSD has shown many developments in the educational system that reflect Qatar's vision for excellence. Many stakeholders consider PSD as having an innovative and distinguished learning environment leading to successful student achievement.
While other international schools naturally focus on curricular and administrative improvements, PSD took part in a highly innovative evaluation component to ensure that decision makers have access to high-quality and objective information. Following the school's philosophy, service and excellence, the PSD administration participated in Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS). PIRLS is defined as the ability to understand and use those written language forms required by society and/or valued by the individual. It aimed to provide countries with international comparative data as well as with national trend data on reading literacy of 4th grade students. The design of the PIRLS study focuses mainly on analyzing school systems, it is not designed to report individual student scores. The international population for PIRLS includes students in the fourth grade of schooling. In Qatar, the PIRLS administration is census based. That means all eligible students in all schools in Qatar participated in the PIRLS 2016. PIRLS is organized by the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA), which is an independent, international cooperative of national research institutions and governmental research agencies. governance, few researchers have studied the impact on education in the Arabian Gulf. UNESCO co-hosted with IEA the release of the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study 2016.
The performance of PSD has largely contributed to the country performance of the State of Qatar. "PSD's progress in PIRLS is part of the efforts and steps taken by the school to realize Qatar's agenda and Vision 2030 for education indices," Dr. Acosta said when the scores were announced this month by the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement. The students of Philippine School Doha are considered one of the best readers among their peers all over the world and the literacy skills are only improving, according to the latest results of an international test. The test included 12 reading passages and about 180 items used to measure literary and informational reading comprehension among public and private school students on a scale from 300 to 700 points. Based from the given data, Philippine School Doha gave a significant change through comparison by school type with a result of 513 average reading performance. This was based from the reading skills of the students of PSD with a score of 522 on Focus Retrieve Explicitly Stated in Formation; 515 on Make Straightforward Inferences; 514 on Interpret and Integrate Ideas and Information; and 502 on Evaluate and Critique Content and Textual. With a PIRLS 2016 score of 513, PSD was second among the top participating countries.
The event aimed at increasing participants' understanding of PIRLS and its relevance for policy-making and actions needed to translate 2030 commitments into national education development efforts to ensure no one is left behind. Philippine School Doha took part of PIRLS (Progress in International Reading Literacy Study). Dr. Alexander S. Acosta, PSD school principal believed that the assessment will help them evaluate the skills of PSD students, enhance the curriculum accordingly and help them take policy decisions that will put the students at par with international standards. Reading has always been a key priority to the school. To this end, PSD has launched numerous reading initiatives to enrich the students' linguistic understanding and boost their reading skills," said Dr. Acosta.
The Research Development, Accreditation and Publication Office Vice Principal cited that school inspections are more comprehensive evaluation of the performance of schools while assessments are more specific. It does not judge a school's performance against others. It only assesses. Schools stood to benefit since the assessments would offer them one more tool to measure their standards. "Philippine School Doha has responded very positively to the challenge by improving the quality of teaching and learning and by developing independent thinking skills so children are guided to become more familiar with finding out for themselves and thus developing their comprehension and understanding", Dr. Villanueva added.
This recent achievement of PSD adds to the reputation of school's credential. It validates to the Filipino community that the institution is fulfilling its mission of providing quality education through the appropriate use of its resources and its adherence to the criteria established for all institutions in the host country. This is a momentous milestone as PSD endeavors to craft a pioneering and extremely triumphant program to help fill the imminent educational needs of the institution and further achieve the realization of being the first Philippine Science School in the Middle East. The PSD community is one in celebrating yet another triumph of this recent achievement. The administrators, faculty and staff, and students truly ascend the school's philosophy for faithfully living the PSD mark of excellence and service to the people.