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PSD Prepares Students For The Future

Posted on Monday the 02nd of September 2019

By: Alexandra Delavin

'Your education is a dress rehearsal for a life that is yours to lead. 'was a line to perfectly describe what the event was all about. On the 28th of July, the College Entrance Test (CET) Orientation was held in the Edgar V. Bondoc Gymnasium with the aim to help prepare the 12th grade students for their upcoming college life.

The event, hosted by Andrei Sanchez and Demi Cadelinia, started the day off with a morning assembly led by the 12-Polonium class. Afterwards, the Guidance Office took over to properly discuss the CETs. Mr. Jerome Constantino, the VP Guidance, gave a brief summary of what college is really about before he introduced the speaker for the day, Ms. Angela Caparas who had a talk about some universities in the Philippines and gave a brief summary about the courses the schools had to offer. The schedules and services offered by the Philippine School Doha were also mentioned for the students not to have a hard time with their busy schedules. An open forum was also conducted to give the students the chance to clarify and ask questions. The students actively participated by really speaking out about their queries which were all clarified and explained by the speaker. Shortly after, a prayer was led to officially end the orientation successfully.

Indeed, deciding where to go to college is a tough decision as it is a big step towards one's future and success but with PSD, everything has been possible ever since. The orientation has indeed helped a lot of students with their decisions as PSD has always molded each student to become not just successful, but also kind-hearted with a goal set in mind.