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Posted on Wednesday the 17th of October 2018

By: Dr. Fredelito Don John A. Vallesteros

With its aim to spearhead proactive research, vibrant instruction and viable stewardship of school realizations through quality assertion and publication, Philippine School Doha (PSD) through Research Development, Accreditation and Publication Office (RDAPO) will spearhead an International Research Conference on Nov. 1-3. The said convention will be supervised by the Asian Society of Teachers for Research, Inc. (ASTR) who is committed to exchanging and promoting best practices in research and recognize teachers who excelled in research instruction. This is a joint effort of Dr. Alexander S. Acosta who serves as the conference chair, through the initiative of Dr. Lorina S. Villanueva, PSD's Vice Principal for Research and Publication and with Dr. Eduardo P. Malagapo of the EPM as the co-hosts. Students of different levels, educators, and other professionals will participate in a two-part seminar workshop on research embracing the theme "The Role of Development Education in the Transformation of Individuals, Communities and Societies,".
Based from the successful Asian Conference on Interdisciplinary Research 2018 at Hotel Sofitel Angkor Phokeethra Golf and Spa Resort, Siem Reap, Cambodia, the ICDE 2018 will aim to provide a forum for research findings from the international community to create avenues for publication of new researches, establish partnership and collaborations across researchers in a global context, and conduct training activities for higher research expertise. The two-part conference will commence with a research training and seminar for students. Dr. Genaro Japos, President of the Philippine Association of Institutions for Research, Inc., will serve as the keynote speaker. He will tackle about Article Citation as Means to Measure Journal and Author Impact and will give a training on Scientific Literacy. Hence, this will work as the bases of the participants to form their own understanding rather than emulate what they have heard from another individual. These comprehensive seminar-training was conceptualized to cascade learning. The said seminar will be of great help to the participants to devise their own research and make their peculiar review anchored on the given agenda. This is also substantial in the derivation of the pieces of evidence of learning research paper writing as it will appraise their preparedness to face real-world scenarios in conducting their respective studies and problems.
Through this prominent convention, ASTR and PSD co-hosted by EPM will recognize the research competence of research enthusiasts in Asia and in other parts of the world. The conference, in particular, will empower students, teachers and other professionals alike to endeavor into research to help sustain the needs of the community they serve. Thus, this will aspire to produce researches capable of improving the standards and quality of instruction in the school in order to guide, correct, and evaluate their decisions and actions through their respective researches. Through this event, the entire PSD family is ready to unleash their full potential not only unto the school grounds- but also to a world that needs researchers like them, to a world that needs the service and excellence that they are ready to provide.