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PSD Senior High School End @nd CSSW Triumphantly

Posted on Tuesday the 05th of March 2019

By: Xandre Acosta

The senior high school students of Philippine School Doha (PSD) close their work immersion seminars with a belauded completion ceremony on March 1 together with the various organizations of professionals in Qatar.

The senior high school students and faculty of PSD rejoice as they take a step closer to the end of their school year. The PSD Edgar V. Bondoc (EVB) gymnasium was jam-packed by senior high school students as they perambulate the carpets towards their first completion ceremony for the year 2019. The program was graced by the presence of connoisseurs from different professions such as electrical engineering, nursing, education, dentistry and many more. The event was a ceremonial symbol of completion of the five-day seminar workshop the students took up during their sessions with their mentors in their chosen fields of practice.

This program represents the path the students take for the readiness of their future. The keynote speaker of the event, Hon. David Des T. Dicang, mentioned how preparation is the key for a better future for the students. Representatives from each course also stated their testimonies about their experiences on the said workshop. Some students expressed how this activity served as their eye-openers
to what they really want to be in the future and others shared the valuable learnings they acquired during their seminars. By the smooth flow of the program, the 2nd Career Simulation Seminar Workshop (CSSW) culminating activity was closed successfully.

The students finally acquired first-hand experience of the realities of their chosen professions for the future. The 2nd CSSW activity ended with a ceremony that marked another legacy for the batch; a symbol of a new path for the soon-to-be graduates of school year 2018-2019