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Posted on Saturday the 12th of August 2017

All staffs of Philippine School Doha (PSD) along with the esteemed Board of Trustees had gathered in the PSD gymnasium to introduce and recognize the newly elected and chosen members of the PSD SY 2017-2018 - August 10.
Before the induction of the newly elected Board of Trustees (BOT) a video was presented for the audience that featured the 25th founding anniversary of the PSD community as it contemplated on the realization of the profound vision and the cheering to the new beginning. After the video presentation, the welcoming remarks came to pass as it headed by Dr. Alexander Acosta where he mentioned that the PSD staffs had had a selfless desire through the years to serve the school at its fully capacity.
The newly designated BOTs, headed by Mr. Gerardo Macasa, finally stood in front of the stage and began their oath taking. After the oath taking, an acceptance speech was made with Consul Gen. Roussel Reyes followed by the other board members of PSD. The afresh representatives gave their inspiring speeches and mentioned how their dreams of the PSD community came to reality, an authenticity where it was not about what a leader can do, but what everyone can do as a one PSD family. They also mentioned how the PSD group managed to uplift the vision, mission, and its core values efficiently. Dr. Acosta concluded that it took a lot of pains and hardships to gain what the PSD tribe ever had, a great milestone for the PSD race. Specifically, the casted PSDI members were as follows:
• Chairman - Mr. Gerardo P. Macasa, Jr.
• Vice - Chairman - Mr. Romeo A. Ocfemia, Jr.
•Teacher Representative - Dr. Julius A. Reyes
• Treasurer - Engr. Josel S. Leanda
• Auditor - Mr. Ferdinand P. Maramag
• Parent Member - Engr. Edwin E. Gonzalvo
• Parent Member-Mr. Ferdinand Maramag
• Community Member - Atty. Daisy Tingzon
• Community Member - Arch. Kriz Samed M. Quiogue
• Philippine Embassy Representative - Consul General Roussel Reyes
• School Principal - Dr. Alexander S. Acosta

To elevate the efficiency of the newly elected heads, they worked as an integrated whole to uplift a balanced organization of public interests and reinforced the effectiveness of the PSD community. The trustees do not accomplish work for a scheme but rather they established high reputation for their work through the policies they set.
Not long after the trustees' acceptance speeches, an intermission number was done by the Primary Department as they performed blissful dance moves while they applied the theme of PSD @25. The presentation gave the audience a delightful sight as to how PSD kept on touching the hearts of Filipino people whilst preserving the passion of service and excellence.
Lastly, the Vice-Principal up until the Non-Academic staffs, along with the introduction of the new staffs of the PSD community, were introduced and made their pledge as responsible and capable staff of the PSD community.
In conclusion, Dr. Acosta continually expressed his support and gratitude to the newly designated leaders of the PSD board. The occurrence of this induction was a good sign of how the school would continue to strive for the betterment of its own followers. The bold hearts of the PSD leaders filled the superior standing of PSD with wisdom and excellence as it would continue to live on with delight and prosperity!