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PSD Staff Instills Sportsmanship through Sports Fest

Posted on Sunday the 17th of February 2019

By: Alexandra Isabelle G. Delavin

'Sometimes you win. Sometimes you learn' was a line to describe this year's sports fest that showcased not just the PSD staff's skills and talents but also their sportsmanship and unity. Philippine School Doha (PSD) held its annual event to celebrate sports among the school staff last February 12 at the Edgar V. Bondoc (EVB) Gymnasium which featured the White Hawks, Blue Rangers, Red Heroes, and Yellow Hornets who were filled with determination and excitement as they celebrate Qatar's Sports Day.

The day started off with the Parade of Colors as the teams held their heads up high with pride. The prayer for guidance and blessings was led by Mrs. Beverly Presingcula that was then followed by the Opening Remarks of the dynamic school principal, Dr. Alexander Acosta. Afterwards, the enthusiastic master of the event, Mr. Michaelino Saratan proceeded on introducing the committees. As the day is only starting, the staff's energy needed a boost and so, the PSD staff got up on their respective bleachers and danced with grace and energy. Subsequently, the Oath of Sportsmanship was done by the representatives of each team which then led to the most awaited part of the event - the games and cheer competition! The four teams presented in the following order: White Hawks, Yellow Hornets, Blue Rangers, and Red Heroes as they successfully performed what they have prepared with different styles and techniques of showing their talents and skills. The presentation of muse and escort immediately followed by each team's representatives who gave graceful catwalks and a brief introduction of them with an ooze of confidence and charm as they captivate their audience.

The games then began with the Flip Cup challenge which was followed by the Hula hoop challenge and then the Synchronized Walking Challenge. The PSD Staff also gave appreciation and honor to our home country, the Philippines, by celebrating through Laro ng Lahi which had three levels that should be completed by every team before garnering the desired points. Puzzle Rush also took place as the simultaneous games began. The Table Tennis competition and board games were held in different venues of the school as the Puzzle Rush came to an end, the Basketball 3 on 3 followed and was held in the EVB Gymnasium as well. With the competitiveness of each team rising, the heat of the games escalated. As the basketball ended, the players managed to maintain a good sportsmanship by playing fair and square. As for the last game-volleyball, both the men and women of each team participated. The four teams competed in the same gym as the court was divided into two. The four teams competed with each other as their passion drives them towards success. The rush of excitement escalated quickly as the roaring screams of each team got louder as they cheer for their respective players who gave their best on the championship. A short break was then given to replenish one's energy before the last part of the program, the awarding.

The four teams had gathered points in every competition they have participated in wherein the White Hawks garnered 128 points, followed by the Blue Rangers who gathered 106 points, then the Red Heroes with 102 points, only four points away from the Blue Rangers, and lastly, the Yellow Hornets with 84 points. The teams were also given Special awards such as Most Punctual wherein Red Heroes won, Most Active wherein White Hawks won, Most Cooperative was won by the Yellow Hornets, and lastly, the Most Organized Award was received by the Blue Rangers.

The winners of each sport and overall rankings are as followed:

Yells and Cheers - Yellow Hornets
Muse - Blue Rangers
Escort - Yellow Hornets
Flip Cup - White Hawks
Hula Hoop - White Hawks
Synchronized Walking - White Hawks
Laro ng Lahi - White Hawks
Jenga - White Hawks
Puzzle Rush - Red Heroes
Basketball - Blue Rangers
Volleyball - Red Heroes
Table Tennis - Red Heroes
Scrabble - White Hawks
Chess Male - Blue Rangers
Chess Female - White Hawks

Champion - White Hawks
1st Runner Up - Blue Rangers
2nd Runner Up - Red Heroes
3rd Runner Up - Yellow Hornets

Indeed, PSD is simply the best as the staff once again showcased not just their talents and skills but also their driven passion to learn and have fun once in a while. The Sports fest 2019 held at the EVB Gymnasium is truly an event worth remembering as the event taught that sports is not about winning, it is about learning.