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PSD Triumphs Cadd Arabia Tourney

Posted on Tuesday the 28th of March 2017

By: Clint Maramag

The Cadd Arabia dominion transpired in Birla Public School last 4th of March, as the qualified representatives namely Thea Astley, Sofia Jusay, Christian Pastrana, and Vanessa Vanta of Philippine School Doha (PSD) managed to be the victor in the Cadd Arabia competition with a final score of 60 points, thus granting them the 1st place.
The event started off with the division of groups. 2 groups (Group A and Group B) were formed during the separation and each group was composed of teams from different schools that would be competing with each other to proposer for the final round. PSD became a part of the group and intellectually fought with their opposing teams from Doha Modern Indian School (DMIS), Middle-East Education Society (MES), and Cambridge International School for Girls. The presented questions were mainly focus on Arithmetic, Logical, English, and queries that require auditory skills to answer. The representatives of PSD were able to climb its way through the final round since during the elimination round, PSD was able to garnish 30 points. Just like PSD, DMIS also got 30 points which resulted to a clincher round. As the clincher round took part, PSD was able to answer the question first before DMIS thus, uplifting PSD for the final round. PSD and MES were the qualified teams for Group A whereas Birla Public School and MES were the victorious teams of Group B. As the final round made its approach, the competing teams wasted no time in giving out their best efforts with the hopes of answering all the questions presented in the event. Majority of the questions were a part of abstract reasoning which required the participants to let out their fullest potential as they would mark the image of their own institute.
Finally, as the event reached its culmination, the winners were already announced. PSD was able to gain 60 points, thus, making them the champion while MES scored 50 and BPS got 30 points. Trophies were awarded to the respective winners and the recognition of the participants took place. Despite of all the hardships that PSD had encountered, these trials were actually the pedestal in achieving the essence of excellence and astuteness!