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PSD Welcomes Another Dynamic Year

Posted on Tuesday the 02nd of July 2019

Dr. Don John A. Vallesteros

Philippine School Doha (PSD) was hovered by students yesterday, July 1, for the school's opening day. Former and new students were coming to glare for their new classrooms and sections. PSD faculty and staff were seen around the campus to help the parents and students. The students had their orientation for two days which started as early as 6:45 am to meet their new classmates and homeroom advisers. The advisers discussed the school rules which were stated from the student handbook.
It was observed that rooms and offices were relocated specifically the Office of Students Affairs, Research Development, Accreditation and Publication Office, SHS and JHS Vice-Principal's Office and the Guidance Office. These offices were renovated to accommodate and to lookout for the students' welfare. School Services Office staffs were seen roving around the campus to check the physical condition of school facilities. Mr. Jun Santos, Student Services Officer assured that the opening of classes today went efficiently.
The goal of PSD is to create students who are proficient of doing innovative things. Dr. Alexander S. Acosta wants to instill to every PSDian that education is the most formidable weapon that they can use to change the world. He mentioned that through PSD, every child will have an education that would introduce them properly into a realm without further expense to anybody.
Philippine School Doha is always keen to invest in education which promotes its human and knowledge capital. It also advances in sustainable development efforts in all its economic, social, environmental and cultural forms, resulting in achieving its vision. Dr. Alexander S. Acosta, PSD principal, urged the PSD community to be role models for students besides teaching them effectively and creatively. In addition, he urged them to manage classrooms efficiently and professionally and turn them into an interactive and lively education environment. Dr. Acosta also called on students to take advantage of the opportunities and academic options provided by the wise leadership such as the facilitating academic achievements in all stages. He highlighted the importance of partnering with parents which has been proven through educational research that it is one of the most successful means to increase academic achievements between students and improves their social and behavioral skills. He added that students whose parents participate in their education learn faster, become more motivated to attend school and score higher grades. They also establish unique social and behavioral skills and graduate with higher grades than their peers whose parents do not engage in their education. Lastly, Dr. Acosta urged parents to create an environment that promotes partnership with the school and meets the needs of their children, teach them and help them with time management and solving their homework.
The day marked the beginning of another fruitful and blessed school year. Despite the weather and changes, it was seen that PSD progressed further; making the students acquainted after a long break. The day ended marking the beginning of another productive year of service and excellence.