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PSD Welcomes DepEd and CFO Delegates to New Campus

Posted on Saturday the 12th of August 2017

On the 24th of July, the cheerful sound of upbeat Filipino folk songs played by PSD Rondalla and the enthusiastic smiles of the school administrators headed by the BOT Chairman Mr. Gerardo P. Macasa, Jr. and school principal Dr. Alexander S. Acosta were the first to welcome delegates from the Department of Education (DepEd) and the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) upon their arrival at the newly opened school campus. The unit heads gave the delegates garlands to wear and thereafter were introduced to them.
After the warm reception in the accounting office, the five delegates - namely Director Jocelyn DR. Andaya (Bureau of Curriculum Development, DepEd), Director Marilette R. Almayda (Bureau of Learning Delivery, DepEd), Dr. Ma. Elsie C. Esmer (Supervising Education Program Specialist, DepEd), Dr. Riza C. Gusano (Supervising Education Program Specialist, DepEd), and Ms. Benilda R. Pereyra (Immigrant Services Officer, Commission on Filipinos Overseas) - were led to the conference hall. There, Dr. Acosta formally greeted the guests, and briefly spoke about how their visit was "a long dream come true". The itinerary for their 2 day stay was also discussed and finalized.
The first day's agenda included the following: a visit in the Research Development, Accreditation and Publication Office (RDAPO) where a video presentation showing PSD's humble beginnings was shown; a one hour meeting with the PSD team to discuss everything that needs to be discussed; an inspection of the facilities such as the clinic, canteen, computer labs, science labs, gym, swimming pool, and libraries in order to ensure the school's capability of accommodating students; a one hour classroom observation, with each delegate going to different departments; and a meeting with the parents of a student per level.
The second day of their visit, July 25, was a day of meetings. An interview with the students regarding their perception on the administration, curriculum, facilities, extracurricular activities, outreach programs and teaching methods were held. Following that, there was a meeting with the teaching staff, supervisors, and the board of trustees.
Overall, the delegates were impressed with the school's recently developed amenities. "What's gladdening is the fact that we're confident that children away from our country are getting the education they deserve", one delegate said.
It's a first of sorts, really.
From finally building our first actual campus to the first live DepEd visit, PSD is quickly advancing and taking steps - if not great leaps - towards higher-quality education for the youth of the Filipino community here in Qatar. The school's accreditation might not have been granted just yet, but PSD has certainly come a long way since the Mansoura Campus, and it can only go uphill from here. PSSD is not far from our reach; as long as we continue to live by our mission, work with our vision in mind, and strive towards service and excellence, we will gain the ability to close the distance between us and the goals we want to achieve.