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PSD Welcomes a Fruitful School Year with Students’ Orientation

Posted on Monday the 02nd of September 2019

By: Reema Macadato

On the 4th of July, a students' orientation, held in the Edgar V. Bondoc Gymnasium, was organized for the Senior High School Department as different departments tackled and presented the purpose, rules, and regulations of each department of the school.
The program, hosted by Marelle Bañez and John Carlos Burog, started with the morning assembly led by 12-Cadmium while the new morning exercise was led by selected students. The welcoming remarks was given by the school's dear principal, Dr. Alexander S. Acosta. Subsequently, Dr. Noemi Formaran (VP-SHS) introduced the Senior High School Faculty Staff and its organizational structure. The discussion of different forms such as the leave form was also tackled. Mr. Jerome Constantino (VP-OGS) mentioned the services they conduct such as the SAT assistance. Moreover, he tackled the different college universities in the Philippines. Afterwards, Mrs. Melissa Montayre (VP-OSA),) discussed the different clubs, programs, co-curricular activities, and the summer class offered for the students. Ms. Myla Cula (Prefect of Discipline) then discussed the general rules and regulations of the school such as the prescribed uniform. Mr. Michaelino Saratan (VP-Records) discussed the reservation and enrolment schedule. The different locations of each office were also discussed as the offices had a change of whereabouts.
As the first half of the orientation came to an end, a break was given for the students. An intermission, performed by the selected 12-Cadmium students, then followed before the orientation resumed. Subsequently, the Research Development, Accreditation, and Publication Office (RDAPO) was introduced by Dr. Don John Vallesteros, the office's researcher, gave an overview of Research. The IMRAD, a format that will be used by the Senior High School Students, was discussed. The next presentation was about the Learning Resource Center (LRC) wherein Mrs. Maidie Acosta (School Librarian) discussed the services offered by the library. In addition to that, she also mentioned how communication is important to avoid violating any rules. Mrs. Marijoe Caparas, a staff of The First Aid Unit (FAU), discussed the facility and the services they offer. Afterwards, Ms. Engracia Awitan (Canteen Coordinator) spoke about the Canteen's rules and regulations and gave a few reminders on how to act inside the canteen. Lastly, School Maintenance and Services Department (SMSD) headed by their Vice Principal, Mr. Jose Santos discussed the building facilities, regulations of requesting services, request forms, and safety reminders.
As the discussions of the different departments and offices of Philippine School Doha came to an end, Dr. Noemi Formaran gave her closing remarks followed by the closing prayer led by Nicole Dimal of 12-Cadmium to formally end the program.
Indeed, Philippine School Doha is simply the best as it gave learners optimum quality education as they have different departments filled with skilled people who proffered several co-scholastic activities for the students to give an opportunity to develop particular skills and exhibit their non-academic abilities. It is undeniable that PSD has been a big help for its students and staff as it provided endless services to enhance the capabilities of the students to strongly face the turbulent road of the future.