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PSDians Celebrate Music and Charity through BOB Finals

Posted on Monday the 14th of January 2019

By: Reema Macadato, Catelyn Ann Fajardo

Students of Philippine School Doha (PSD) shared their talents as they lightened up PSD with their music in the Battle of the Bands Finals on December 12 held in the PSD gymnasium. The program had been organized as a platform for students that are musically gifted to convey themselves in their preferred cathartic ways, while also using it as a path to lend a hand to the less fortunate students in the Philippines.

The program started with a solemn prayer led by SSG's secretary, Donna Galvez. Followed by the Qatar national anthem and the Philippine national anthem, conducted by SSG's grade 10 representative Andrea Panganiban. Afterwards, a video presentation about the Adopt-A-School program was shown, showing the events that had raised funds. The schools that were given a helping hand were included in the video, empowering them to inspire the audience to take part in even more events of the school to show their generosity and compassion for others. Subsequently, Dr. Alexander S. Acosta delivered his opening remarks, continuing to raise awareness about the school's project. With this, he also expressed his gratitude for the people that make it possible. Afterwards, the reading of mechanics and the introduction of judges was delivered by SSG's peace officer, Alyana Faustino and SSG's treasurer, Krishna Elaurza, respectively.

While the awaited bands were preparing for their performance, the audience's enthusiasm cannot be hidden as they shout their favorite band's name. Preventing any more time to go to waste, the bands finally started performing. Most of the bands that made it to the finals highlighted not only their skills in performing, but also fascinated the audience as they showcased their capabilities in song writing as they presented their original compositions. Earcandy was the first to perform as they set the atmosphere, bringing the crowd to life as they fed them verse after verse. They started the competition by singing "Bitiw" by Spongecola and followed after by "Desperado" as their own composition. Despite the pressure of being the first band to perform, they were able to enthrall the gymnasium with their presence. Paperplane followed after, giving a heated performance as they sung "Hindi Na Nga" by This Band and their own composition "Hiling". Creatively putting their band name to use, they gave a unique performance with paper planes being thrown as they ruled the stage. SKL performed next, owning the crowd as they fill the gymnasium with their own vibe through their performance of "Banal Na Aso" by Santong Kabayo and their original composition, "Share Ko Lang". This was followed by Roses & Thorns as they performed "Bulag, Pipi, at Bingi" by Freddie Aguilar with passion as they rock the stage. Drive Thru performed next, managing to take away the audience's exhaustion as they set the atmosphere into a fiery one by performing a mashup of "Sa Ngalan ng Pag-ibig" by December Avenue and their composition, "Eroplanong Papel". Kairos performed next, catching the crowd's attention from start to finish, amazing them with their eye-catching performance of "Sa Ngalan ng Pag-ibig" by December Avenue and "Akala" as their own composition.

Upon having half of the finalists done at performing, a two-minute interval was given as a last chance to let the audience vote for the bands they chose to support. The audience were once again encouraged to donate and vote, reminded that their money would not only help the band they chose to support, but would also be symbols of generosity and charity to the schools that need a helping hand. Before the next band went on stage, an intermission number was performed by Xandre Acosta as he showcased his talents in singing, proving that he is the rightful winner of PSD Idol 2018.

The seventh band to perform, Seventh Gear, transformed the ambience of the gym as they pulled of an appealing performance of "Bonggahan". Meraki followed after, not failing to astonish the audience as they daringly chose to perform "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen as their first song and "That's What You Get" by Paramore as their second. This was followed by That Band, captivating the crowd despite the inevitable exhaustion that came as the night turns darker by singing "Tatsulok" by Bamboo and their own composition "Dulo". Reversal came next, filling the gymnasium with their sentimental music as they performed "Ex" by Callalily and their own composition "Last Goodbye". Bandang Sulok followed after, performing one of the well-known OPM songs "Tagpuan" by Kamikazee, followed shortly by their own composition, "Flag Ceremony". Three Hours Ago performed after, bringing the performances of the night to an end with "Antukin" by Rico Blanco and "Bitiw" by Spongecola.

Before the program ended, it was time to acknowledge the efforts of everyone that had participated in the event. Chester Cueto, SSG's president, awarded the certificates to the judges. The contestants were also given their certificates, acknowledging their efforts to bring light to the campus through their own gifts in music. Soon after, the suspense in the atmosphere of the gym was evidently felt as the winners were about to be announced. After which, they acknowledged the winners for the special prizes. The Best Photo award had been given to Roses & Thorns, who garnered the most likes in their picture posted in SSG's Facebook page. The Best Music Video award was given to Kairos as they produced their video with a detailed and heartfelt storyline that proves their efforts. The People's Choice Award was also awarded to Kairos, Angelo Soriano from Meraki was awarded as the Best Lead Guitarist, Angel Tabernilla from Kairos was awarded as the Best Drummer, and Brian Abad from Meraki was awarded as the Best Bassist.

Subsequently, a drum roll took over as the most awaited part came in, the giving of main awards. Drive Thru made their way to the center of the stage with smiles plastered on their faces as they received the award as 4th Runner Up. Seventh Gear were acknowledged next as they were awarded as the 3rd Runner Up. That Band received the award as the 2nd Runner Up with bliss painted on their features. With their shock mixed with merriment, Earcandy accepted the award as the 1st Runner Up. Kairos then took home the trophy as the Champion in this school year's Battle of the Bands. The pleasure and fulfillment of being declared victorious made all their hard work worth it. Meanwhile, the other bands embodied sportsmanship well and congratulated the other bands with genuine smiles.

Ultimately, the ending of the said program was no longer filled with competitive students, but rather filled with grateful souls that had not only set themselves free by unleashing the talent and passion they had for music, but also alleviated the worries the less fortunate students carry in their hearts. After the long day, it was easy to say that all the bands were winners, for it was through these PSDians' sincere hearts finding solace in music that other schools can then find solace in their charity.