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RDAPO-JHS Initiate Research Seminar

Posted on Monday the 02nd of September 2019

by Dylan Macatangay, Catelyn Fajardo, and Shayra Laja

Through the research seminar conducted last August 18 in the Edgar V. Bondoc (EVB) Gymnasium, the 8th and 10th grade students of Philippine School Doha (PSD) received the opportunity to enhance their knowledge in research with the event's theme, "From Creativity to Productivity, Enhancing Great Minds Through Research".

The event, hosted by Jamie Sison and Lawrence Mararac, started with an opening prayer led by Jamie Sison. The opening remarks was given by Dr. Caridad A. CaƱete, VP of Junior High School, gave inspiration to students as she cited that their creativity will lead to productivity, thus, productivity will lead to success. Dr. Anita Cervales proceeded to introduce the speakers for the seminar. Subsequently, the first speaker, Dr. Lorina S. Villanueva, started by testing the enthusiasm of her listeners. Upon stimulating the liveliness of the crowd, she continued her discussion with "Academic Integrity: Combatting Student Plagiarism". To fully engage the audience, she prepared a song to help students understand what integrity is all about. She gave clear views on the forms and types of plagiarism as the students began to have insights. Plagiarism has always been a problem for a lot of people, thus the ways on how to avoid committing it was also discussed. As Dr. Villanueva was close to the end of her talk, she made it clear to everyone that integrity is the ingredient that will enable them to forge rapidly ahead on the highway to success.

The second speaker, Dr. Julie Ann Real, JHS Research teacher, introduced her topic about the reliable online resources for academic researches through an interactive game. She discussed online resources and the importance of credibility, trust, and objectivity in providing accurate information to one's readers. In order to aid the students in identifying whether an online resource is reliable, Dr. Real presented the 5-WH questions. She also gave tips on how and what are the reliable and unreliable sources to use. Dr. Real presented an interactive exercise for the students to have a broader understanding about research.

The third and final speaker, Dr. Don John Vallesteros, RDAPO Assistant Researcher and SHS Faculty, started his discussion by giving the goals of research as he gave tips to make research seem easier. He notified the students about the topics to avoid and gave examples of sites that can potentially assist students in finding relevant articles. Afterwards, he started his discourse on quantitative and qualitative studies. He provided equal, solid ground for both concepts for the students to comprehend. He also mentioned the mixed research by the use of both quantitative and qualitative design. He also talked about IMRAD, its basics, and its difference with the standard Germanic style commonly used by the students. As the event came to its end, Lawrence Mararac had given the closing prayer to give thanks to the Almighty for the fruitful seminar held.

Research is a long process but with integrity, hard work, and determination, nothing is impossible. The Research Seminar had given new insights to the students that they can carry for their whole life. PSD has once again proved that Research is important, not just in school, but also in each and everyone's lives.