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Science Congress 2019 Initiates Progress for Collective Prosperity

Posted on Tuesday the 05th of March 2019

by: Karina Sarajan

The circulatory, respiratory, nervous system and along with other systems of a human body, worked hard for a two-day event so called, the Science Congress. Students of the Junior Highschool (JHS) Department celebrates the theme "Science for the People: Innovation for Collective Prosperity." last February 19 to 20, in the Edgar V. Bondoc (EVB) Gymnasium.
As the pulse of the heart intensifies, as the breathing becomes quicker, as blood circulation increases, along with our bodies, the first day of the Science Congress awakes. For the first day, students of grades seven to ten gave their blood, sweat and tears, to showcase such amazing talents and such unique designs for an event that finally came back after 2 years, the Ecofashion. Each level was given specific themes, for the grades 7 and 8, they were assigned to make costumes relating to Anime and Disney respectively. Meanwhile, grade 9 students were given the theme of Superheroes and Villains. As we move on to the next level, the theme given also levels up. Grade 10 students were tasked to create a cosplay that requires a more complicated and futuristic design, a Robot. Representatives from each section are granted the chance to showcase the designs their classmates have created by walking through the runway. The models were able to give justice to the efforts done by the creative minds and skillful hands of the people behind the costumes they were wearing. Each theme was not merely just words by now, it became a reality. Although materials used are ranged from scraps of paper to various unused household materials, and certain challenges had to be faced, with the students' ability to think outside the box, the garbs created were neatly done and the models were able to neatly execute their routine. Audience of all ages were awed by the odd yet carefully crafted cheap fashion ensembles. With this, judges had a hard time choosing the winners, but a decision had to be done. Before the contest is put to an end, the winners of this year's Ecofashion were announced as follows;
Grade 7: Anime, 3rd runner up- Xavier Leon Victor Turo and Daniela Kite V. Latorre, 2nd runner up- Neil Anton Shean Real and Franchesca Nicole I. Aragona, 1st runner up- Juan Carlos P. Ocbian and Maria Francesca Leanne H. Dinglasan, Champion- Prince Rovi C. Salenga and Daniel Beyonce T. Turla, Best Male Model- Duy Le Tung Nguyen , Best Female Model- Ma. Franchezka Leane H. Dinglasan
Grade 8: Disney, 3rd runner up- Derick Noel T. Leanda and Francesca Koleen A. Herrera, 2nd runner up- Diego Christopher Q. Laylay Jr. and Francesca Cabrinnie A. Dagdag, 1st runner up- Ershad Dennis G. Arog and Rita Therese G. Astley, Champion- Glaz Andrei Fidel G. Cabrera and Angle Jayne M. Mandin, Best Male Model- Glanz Andrei Fidel G. Cabrera , Best Female Model- Angela Jayne M. Mandin
Grade 9: Superheroes and Villains, 3rd runner up- Lexifer Rojo and Metandra Shaine M. Santos, 2nd runner up- Mark Emmanuel T. Ignacio and Ramella Dinglasan , 1st runner up- Shannon Umlas and Faith Bondoc, Champion- Paul Angelo R. Acabado and Alyana Ruth Faustino, Best Male Model- Gabriel Ezrah D. Barles, Best Female Model- Enya Sophia Beatrice Lardizabal
Grade 10: Robot, 3rd runner up- Ryan Daza and Jhaznine Margaluro, 2nd runner up- Aaron Christian De Guzman and Chelei Angel Guico, 1st runner up- Vincent Intalan and Donna Lu , Champion- Jomari Angelo Pineda and Beatrice Hernandez, Best Male Model- Jomari Angelo Pineda , Best Female Model- Donna Lu
Somewhere and sometime in some place here on earth, rockets or satellites are launched up to the sky, and so did the second day of the Science Congress. The Science Olympics took place on this day. Students who excelled in their Science classes were chosen by their Science teachers of each level to compete as group for the said event. (insert how many) groups faced different science-related challenges and their knowledge and skill related to the subject were put to a test. Aside from the Science Olympics, an Exhibition also occurred in the EVB Gymnasium and Science Laboratories. The exhibition included works from the Assemblage, Manipulative Games, and also the Banner Making Contest which was done before the commencement of the Science Fair. The exhibition also included the winning artworks of the students who joined the Poster Making Contest which was done right after the Ecofashion on the first day of the celebration. For the Assemblage, grades 7, 8, 9 and 10 respectively followed the themes of Digestive, Respiratory, Circulatory, and the Reproductive System. Just like the Ecofashion, assemblage must be made out of recyclable and reusable materials. After every event was accomplished, the awarding ceremony was finally held at the EVB Gymnasium. The winners of each contests are as follows:

T-Shirt Design Making Contest Winners
First Place- Cray Calvin S. Pulayan, 7- Armstrong
Second Place- Sarah Marie B. Moran, 7- Galilei
Third Place- Andrei Lorraine A. Dela Pena, 10- Edison

Science Banner Making Contest
Grade 7: First Place- Copernicus
Second Place- Armstrong
Third Place- Galilei

Grade 8: First Place- Aristotle
Second Place- Jenner
Third Place- Hooke
Fourth Place- Fleming

Grade 9: First Place- Curie
Second Place- Pauling
Third Place- Mendeleev
Fourth Place- Boyle

Grade 10: First Place- Einstein
Second Place- Edison
Third Place- Archimedes
Fourth Place- Thomson

Poster Making Contest
Grade 7: First Place- Alyssa Basa, Brintte Bejosano, Maricon Marquez (7- Galilei)
Second Place- Ashley Neil Ariola, Glydel Danilo, Gabrielle Baco (7- Copernicus)
Third Place- Samantha Caubat, Andrei Soriano, Lance Filio (7-Armstrong)

Grade 8: First Place- Aya Lubon, Eunice Molina, Angela Yaun (8- Darwin)
Second Place- Luya, Ola, Romanes (8- Aristotle)
Third Place- Ali Muhammed, Sheree Asiado, Zarick Apolinario (8- Linnaeus)

Grade 9: First Place- Elinor Cabunillas, Allianah Paculanang, Alyiesa Bitoon (9- Curie)
Second Place- Cyrus Escalona, Cedrick Buhong, Li De Chavez (9- Mendeleev)
Third Place- Jhailyn Austria, Cherise Batac, Ashley Enierga (9- Pauling)

Grade 10: First Place- Lynneth Viernes, Karina Sarajan, Joyce Teves (10- Einstein)
Second Place- Jamelle Cezar, Francine Ramos, Pamela Macanip (10- Archimedes)
Third Place- Ayla Dela Cruz, Jaime Biares, Kyla Leones (10- Einstein)

Science Olympics Winner
First Place: Emarie S. Andalajao (7- Galilei)
Muhammad Arif U. Ali (8- Linnaeus)
Wayne Rold Allen N. Llamado (9- Boyle)
Nicholas Hernandez (10- Pascal)

Second Place: Ralph Danniel T. Hermogenes (7- Copernicus)
Antoinette Jannah A. Ilagan (8- Aristotle)
Benedict A. Bambalan (9- Dalton)
Jeane Rose Mamangun (10- Archimedes)

Third Place: Toni Viktoria C. Gloria (7- Armstrong)
Chriszel Joy L. Garcia (8- Aristotle)
Noor Haddie Jame M. Ibrahim (9- Arrhenius)
Ericson Delos Santos (10- Einstein)

Grade 7: Champion- Galilei
1st runner up- Hubble
2nd runner up- Armstrong
3rd runner up- Cassini

Grade 8: Champion- Aristotle
1st runner up- Hooke
2nd runner up- Darwin
3rd runner up- Fleming

Grade 9: Champion- Boyle
1st runner up- Rutherford
2nd runner up- Arrhenius
3rd runner up- Curie

Grade 10: Champion- Einstein
1st runner up- Faraday
2nd runner up- Archimedes
3rd runner up- Newton

Manipulative Games
Grade 7: Champion- Armstrong
1st runner up- Galilei
2nd runner up- Halley
3rd runner up- Cassini
Voters' Choice- Herschel

Grade 8: Champion- Linnaeus
1st runner up- Aristotle
2nd runner up- Hooke
3rd runner up- Fleming
Voters' Choice- Aristotle

Grade 9: Champion- Dalton
1st runner up- Curie
2nd runner up- Arrhenius
3rd runner up- Pauling
Voters' Choice- Curie

Grade 10: Champion- Einstein
1st runner up- Pascal
2nd runner up- Newton
3rd runner up- Edison
Voters' Choice- Einstein

If Science Congress were to be a phone, the battery would be the celebration, it lasted for two days. Although batteries only run for a limited time, a memory card may store memories for a long time. This time, the memory storage has no limit, because the bond, the memories and the lessons learned during the Science Congress does not only last for two days, but for a lifetime. It's one of the things technologies can't do but people can.