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Posted on Sunday the 17th of February 2019

By Marelle Banez

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment, this is why Philippine School Doha (PSD) took a step in further instilling this value within its students through discipline week. This January 4th, selected students from Senior High School (SHS) were recognized for their obedience in following the proper uniform daily.
To understand the relevance and importance of discipline to students, Ms. Myla Cula and Sir Marlon Gabitano from the Prefect of Discipline (POD) were interviewed. Before anything else, what exactly is discipline week? This has been the first time that this event has been commemorated so, there is some uncertainty about what it is. As said by the teachers, the goal of discipline week was to inform the PSD community or stakeholders the services and programs of discipline. In this regard, the students will know that there is a department that handles things when it comes to aspects like the lost and found and consultation. They also want to let the students know that if they have problems, they recommend going to the POD instead of voicing it out on social media. Another goal of discipline week is to recognize the students who obey the rules, and basically raise awareness.
Knowing the purpose of discipline week is to know the importance of discipline itself, especially in the life of a student. When asked of this, they emphasized on how it's important everywhere you go. They mentioned that discipline starts at home. "Without discipline at home, the smallest unit of society, what will happen to the family?" as said by Sir Gabitano. In terms of discipline in school, they noted that if the students do not exhibit discipline in class, the teachers would not have the capability to teach properly. Ms. Cula then added by saying that discipline is equal to success. Without it, one will be unmotivated to do things, including things that may be deemed impossible but could actually be achieved with hard work and discipline.
Following this comes the steps to be done in order to achieve discipline. Their response to this was to use one's own perception of right and wrong as the basis. Everyone has their own way in establishing self-discipline but it all narrows down to what one's priority is. That will be the focus. Once you do what's right for yourself, you can do what's right for others as well. With that, they said to always remember the golden rule: "Don't do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you."
The last question involves imagining PSD if there was an inconsistent implementation of discipline. With this, they responded by saying that they follow the handbook, which is considered the law. But the handbook doesn't have feelings so, the POD weighs in everything. The basis is the report and the evidences gathered. They gave an example situation saying that if a boy was punched, he wouldn't be punched in the first place if he didn't provoke the puncher. Just like how a snake won't bite unless a human steps on it first. Before any recommendation of sanction, they take into consideration the manual, the complainant, the record of the student, and the gravity of the offense. They also consider what's going to happen to the student if this sanction was given, if it would be of any help to the student at all.
Ms. Cula and Mr. Gabitano's job isn't easy. It requires proper understanding and critical thinking to be able to come up with a decision. But there are still many misconceptions and judgment targeted toward the POD. In the end, they only want to do what's best for the student. The way it's being done may not be as to the desire of the parents or students involved but it's the only way for them to learn from the mistake they committed.
Discipline is evident in every facet of life and is one of the values being practiced and inculcated in PSD. The POD serves as the emblem of discipline and they always ensure that it's being duly followed. As discipline continues to be implemented in the school, the students will be able to apply it in every aspect of their life at present and as well as in the future.