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SHS Takes on their Odyssey in Learning

Posted on Monday the 14th of January 2019

By: Xandre Acosta

Talents, skills, and creativity all unleash as the grade 11 and 12 students of PSD (Philippine School Doha) commemorate this year's first COL (Celebration of Learning) activity, themed: "An Odyssey beyond Brilliance and Creativity" last November 11.

A blast of innovation filled PSD in this immense event. It was a whole day full of performances, booths and displays in the school. The program opened with a parade of the students lead by the many performers for the day. The parade was filled with color and excitement as the students gave sneak peeks of what they have in store for the rest of the day. Each section's speech choir participants led the grade 11 students in their entrance. The grade 12 students, on the other hand, strut the grounds with the actors and actresses of their films together with each of their models in fascinating garments made from local materials. Then, the flight of the physics planes of the students were witnessed as the school principal, Dr. Alexander S. Acosta, together with the other vice principals cut the ribbon and officially started the ceremony.

Furthermore, the main performances were then beheld in the school's gymnasium. Voices of the piece entitled 'Reverse Creation' echoed in the venue as the grade 11 students presented their prepared speech choir presentations for the Dramatic Choral Reading competition. Each section presented their eerie and imaginative interpretations of the piece. However, among the contestants the awarded winner in this competition was the 11-Copper section with their deep and mesmerizing performance. The speech choir competition was then followed by a mind-boggling search for the Rubik's Cube Master where students from the different grade 11 and 12 sections compete with each other to be the fastest to complete multiple Rubik's cubes. In the end, Younis Sumaling of 11-Titanium took the title.

After the short break in the middle of the program, it then proceeded with the presentation of the PSD Musicale by the students under Ms. Roca's personality development class. It was a spectacular show that brought out various emotions and reactions from the audiences. The songs and dialogues of the actors and actresses left marks in the hearts of the audiences.

Moreover, the teasers of the grade 12 films were shown intermittently throughout the whole program that gave the audience curiosity to what their films are all about. Then, the trailers and posters of the movies were judged at the nearing end of the program. Each section of the grade 12 prepared their own directed movies according to the theme, 'Think Before You Click'. The titles of the movies were namely, Tagged You're It, Jacques A Dit, Ignotus, Malendictio, and Bully Boys: The Devastation. Each section produced enticing trailers and posters, but the best trailer award went to the film Ignontus of 12-Palladium directed by Gian Balajadia and the best poster went to the film Tagged You're It of 12- Osmium directed by Angele Fauni. The lead actors and actresses of the film also strutted their way in the Parade of Stars during the opening of the ceremony, and the best parade presentation wen to Malendictio of 12-Ruthernium directed by Janna Balasbas. The screening of the films, however, was scheduled on a different date for the students' viewing.

The whole penthouse and gymnasium was filled with displays and activities that all students enjoyed. There was a paint wall prepared by the contemporary students that brought relief and excitement to the students of different levels. Other students also prepared a photo gallery and miniature bridge display. The science laboratories were also transformed to different settings and themes. One was made into a hospital with different stations where one can experience the handling of prototype CT scans and even operating a patient. The other lab was made into a galaxy and a universe where the planetariums of the students were presented. Overall, the students brought out many worlds in just one school and it was truly a memorable experience.

The COL was a one-day event that showcased the application of learning that the senior high school students gained during their first semester in school. Several captivating displays and booths were set-up in the school, which each gave a memorable experience to the spectators and audiences. Ranging from tasting the many flavors of the world to entering an unfathomable universe the COL was an event that indeed sailed the ships of the students towards growth. This event surpassed the definition of success for it left unforgettable memories to everyone.