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Student Leaders Embrace Full Potential

Posted on Wednesday the 19th of September 2018

By Fiona Kane Encarnacion

September 18-the newly elected club and class officers were called to participate in the annual Induction of Officers inside the PSD Gymnasium in order to prepare themselves in unleashing their full potential. "A leader is a communicator, an innovator, and an educator." these were the words from the Welcoming Remarks of emcees Kent Salonga and Anne de Guzman. Both SSG representatives greeted the students with warmth as they host the event. Soon after, a short film produced by the SSG was presented; highlighting the crucial aspects of what a worthy leader should have. Pupils were in awe, as they were once again aware of their responsibilities as student-officers. They then applauded for the school principal, Dr. Alexander S. Acosta, as the organizers gave him the stage for his Motivational Speech. He reminded his students that "A true leader always carries the values of his school with him when making decisions for the better good of his people." Everyone nodded in agreement as to what Dr. Acosta had to say.
Some were thrilled to be inside the gym, excited to partake in the school's pledge taking, being ecstatic with the fact that their names are now written in bold in PSD's history books; lucky to be contributing in the well-maintained reputation of this school. After Dr. Acosta's message, SSG President, Carl M. Cueto, presented the accomplishments of S.Y. 2017-2018; reminiscing as well, the old presidents before him. After his short presentation, the oath-taking then took place, calling all the newly elected officers from the Junior High School to Senior High School. The induction of each department was done by Dr. Caridad A. CaƱete, and Dr. Noemi S. Formaran. Of course, clubs and organizations, namely The Link, Chorale, Hiyaw, and C.A.T., and the like were also inducted. Each stood with honor and pride, proudly stating their names and the positions they were entrusted to fulfill. Each reflecting on their intellectuality and morality, thinking about ways to better themselves as leaders, and how to create the best role model within themselves.
The program was then concluded with the final pictorials and a Vote of Appreciation and Gratitude headed by SSG Vice President Ashley Umali. She then reminded the pupils once again a line taken from Dr. Acosta's speech: "Leadership in PSD is in PSD itself."
Indeed, PSD is one great example of where leadership can be found, student-officers being the reasons why this school can achieve that type of title. Through this event, PSDians are now ready to unleash their full potential not only unto the school grounds- but also to a world that needs leaders like them, to a world that needs the service and excellence that they are ready to provide.