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Time to Play, Time to Celebrate for Preschool Play Day 2016

Posted on Tuesday the 15th of November 2016

by Wilma Lyn Balmores -Regalado, MAT

The Preschool Department headed by the coordinator, Dr. Nida H. Garcia, held its Play Day with the theme, "Preschool Minilympics '16: Time to Play, Time to Celebrate", last October 30 for the Morning Session and October 31 for the Afternoon Session from 7:00 - 12:00 noon at the PSD Gym.

The two - day fun-filled event both began with a parade participated in by the four competing teams namely the Blue Eagles, Red Tamaraws, White Hawks, and Yellow Tigers. Following the parade was the opening program which highlighted the Friendship Ring Relay which symbolized the different values of the Play Day. The Blue Ring represented Flexibility and Courage; Red Ring for Patience and Optimism; White Ring for Determination and Team Work; and Yellow Ring for Self-Discipline. This year was another unique presentation of the rings because the team representatives portrayed sports which were related to their team name.

During the first day, one of the new highlights of the competitions was that of the Best Team Banner in which the teams presented their self-made banners consisted of recycle materials. Each team presented their literature describing the significance of the materials used in relation to the team name. Loud yells and cheers were also presented by the four teams. The morning session pupils together with the parents witnessed the Search for Little Mr. and Ms. Play Day 2016. Four pairs of gorgeous girls and handsome boys represented their teams for the said competitions. Aside from their looks, they also showcased their talents in singing and dancing which really wowed the audience and gave the judges a really tough job. Games followed in the afternoon which made the race to the championship more exciting. Parents and children joined the games in order to earn points for their team but most of all to have the enjoyment being with their children.

The second day was participated in by the afternoon session pupils and their parents. They were able to watch the Search for "My Sports Idol", which was for the pupils who portrayed their idols in the field of sports. Just like the previous day, the teams gave their best in the yells and cheers and the games done in the afternoon.

Due to the active participation not only of the pupils but also of the parents, Dr. Garcia, the Preschool Coordinator, was able to compose a poem to show her gratitude to everybody most especially to the parents who were every energetic, active, and participative all throughout the day.

Trophies and prizes in kind were given out during the awarding both in the Searches and the Games. This year's results are as follow:

Morning Session

Search for Little Mr. and Ms. Play Day 2016

Little Mr. Play Day 2016 Matteo Rafael M. Mandin (Red Tamaraws)

1st Runner - Up Jazz Aedan H. De Leon (Yellow Tigers)

2nd Runner - Up William Khyler B. Duarte (Blue Eagles)

3rd Runner - Up Enzo D. Butardo (White Hawks)

Little Ms. Play Day 2016 Amirah Azza L.Tamano (Red Tamaraws)

1st Runner - Up Aranicah Fabien O. Abrenica (White Hawks)

2nd Runner - Up Maria Monicabel D.Bisenio (Blue Eagles)

3rd Runner - Up Tricia Jumairah D. Maranga (Yellow Tigers)

Special Awards:

Best Yells and Cheers - Red Tamaraws

Best in Costume - Red Tamaraws

Best in Team Banner - Blue Eagles

Most Disciplined - Blue Eagles

Most Cohesive - White Hawks

Best in Dance Challenge
For Fathers - Blue Eagles
For Mothers - Red Tamaraws

Afternoon Session

Search for My Sports Idol

My Sports Idol Vince Angelo S. Crespo as Tim Gajser of Motorcycle Sports
Erin Gabrielle B. Tamayo as Livia Lancelot of Motorcycle Sports
(Red Tamaraws)

1st Runner - Up Zoe Faith G.Pajarillo as Gabby Panlilio of Figure Ice Skating
(Blue Eagles)

2nd Runner - Up Nash A. Lanuza as Manny Pacquiao of Boxing
Gadiel Jared S. Deblois as Floyd Mayweather, Jr. of Boxing
(Yellow Tigers)

3rd Runner - Up Marta Azlet Qalb C. De Jesus as Margarita Mamun of Gymnastics
(White Hawks)

Special Awards:

Best in Yells and Cheers - Red Tamaraws

Most Disciplined - Blue Eagles

Most Cohesive - Yellow Tigers

Best in Dance Challenge
For Fathers - Blue Eagles
For Mothers - Blue Eagles

Overall Ranking:

Champion - Blue Eagles

1st Runner - Up Red Tamaraws

2nd Runner - Up Yellow Tigers

3rd Runner - Up White Hawks