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University Life Seminar: Senior High Students Prepare for the Future

Posted on Monday the 02nd of September 2019

'Let your passion be your mission' was the description of the seminar held on the 13th of July in the Edgar V. Bondoc Gymnasium as PSD alumnus, Architect Klervin John Collado, talked about his experiences and tips for the incoming college students of Philippine School Doha.

The event, spearheaded by Elian Bernales, started the day off with a morning assembly led by the 12-Ruthenium students. The welcoming remarks was then given by Zimoun Samson to formally welcome the students to the day's event. Beatrice Hubalde then proceeded to introduce the speaker of the day, Architect Klervin Collado. After a short while, Architect Collado introduced himself and started his talk about college and university life. He talked about how success can be achieved as long as there are passion and commitment. The PSD alumnus also talked about the importance of passion in one's course as college decides not just the job the students will take, but also their whole future. Consequently, the students were given time to ask the Architect a few questions to further give them a clearer view of college and courses. It has been a pleasant and informative open forum, not just for the students, but also for Architect Collado as he has learned a thing or two as the students talked about their inhibitions about college.

As the day's seminar comes to an end, a short intermission was performed by the 12-Ruthenium students as they showcased their talent with a dance that radiated vibrancy and grace that was then followed by the Awarding of Tokens by the Senior High School Vice Principal, Dr. Noemi Formaran, to honor and give thanks to Architect Collado who gave his time and effort to show the importance of a student's university life. Dr. Noemi Formaran also delivered her closing remarks to once again show gratitude to the PSD Alumnus, the PSD staff, and the students. This was then followed by a prayer led by Crystelle Abundabar who gave thanks to the Almighty who allowed the seminar to happen and go smoothly.

University life is not easy but it is worth it. It was a day filled with lessons as PSDians learned the true value of failing and succeeding in life. The University Life Seminar held at the EVB Gymnasium is truly a seminar worth remembering as the event taught that in life, it is okay to fail as long as one learns and strives to be the best among the best.